Game of Thrones is Ris’n today, Alleleuiah!

Today is Easter Sunday. It is also the premiere of Game of Thrones, season 3. We have a long Sunday evening tradition of eating dinner with our friends and watching the show together. Which is to say, taking advantage of our friends’ HBO subscription so we can participate in this cultural phenomenon without having to pay for it ourselves.

I do feel like we should bring something to the table, though. Tonight it will be the cookies, and a little something special: two bottles of fine Dornish wine. Or something like that: Continue reading


It’s-your-turn-to-get-up-with-the-dog Sunday


Awwwww, MOM! You’re embarrassing me!

Daisy wakes up before dawn every day and starts making sharp, shrill yelping sounds that suggest she is being tortured, that she has had the worst nightmare ever, that she really really really needs to go out like right now, or maybe just that she is ready to be served her breakfast, thank you very much.

During the week I get up with her around 5 a.m. (ok, really it’s closer to 5:30) and we go for a run before work. Sam is responsible for the after-work run. On Saturdays he gets up with her and I get to sleep in. On Sundays, it’s my turn again. Ah, parenthood.  Continue reading

A mouthful of delicious: butterscotch chocolate chip oatmeal cookies

cooki6This is my go-to cookie recipe.

This is what I make when we have friends over and I realize suddenly that we have no dessert in the house. (One thing that I love about these is that it’s not an ordeal to make them. You can go from nothing to homemade cookies ready to eat in about 30 minutes)
This is what I make before a road trip.
This is what I make when I’m bored or antsy.
This is what I make for cookie exchanges. Or it is what I will make for cookie exchanges, if I ever get invited to one.
This is what I bring in for the kids I volunteer with at our end of semester celebrations. Forgetting every time that one of the kids is allergic to nuts and can’t eat anything that doesn’t list the ingredients on the package and even though these cookies are nut-free I really need to stop being a jerk and remember this next time.

In short, these cookies are a key number in my repertoire. I should probably come up with a better name for them. Continue reading

A sandwich fit for a count: how to make a monte cristo

finishedA monte cristo is basically a ham and cheese sandwich on French toast. With powdered sugar. And jam. And you have to use delicious cheese. And also turkey. OK, you know what, a monte cristo is so much more than a ham and cheese sandwich on French toast. It has changed our lives and it can change yours too. Continue reading

Doing that song and dance: How to write a compelling cover letter

I am not a human resources professional. Hiring people is not my job. Except when it is.

In the last three years I’ve read 250-300 job applications, for a mix of part-time, student, staff, and librarian positions. I’m rarely the one to make a final hiring decision, but frequently I take the first pass through the applicant pool, identifying the candidates we will interview, and eliminating those we won’t. I’ve also sat on search committees and helped colleagues triage applications for positions they have posted.

In short, I have read a lot of cover letters, and can tell you exactly what does and doesn’t boost your chances of getting an interview (in my small corner of the universe). But before I do that, a couple of caveats: Continue reading