Casual Cat

I’m taking the day off today, but this is something I’ve worn to work, too: Photo 48

  • Burgundy and pink cat print Ann Taylor Loft 3/4 length sleeve cardigan. Christmas gift from my mom, 2012I love that this cardigan surprises people when they get close to you. Everyone seems to expect the pattern to be rosebuds or something. I get a lot of double takes and “Are those….cats…?”  
    Detail of cat print

    Detail of cat print

    Unfortunately, it doesn’t go with anything! Although it seems impossible, both white and black clash with it, so normal basic camis or tshirts don’t work. And it has kind of a high crew neck that is tricky to work with.The contrasting color of this turtleneck works well and it seems to be the only top I own that looks acceptable. With colors/patterns that are hard to match, sometimes the best bet is to go with something totally different. 

  • Turquoise Carolyn Taylor turtleneck, Goodwill, September 2012. I have no idea what Carolyn Taylor is. Google suggests it is a Sears brand? Anyway, this top has some kind of pleating around the collar and blousy poof at the cuffs. I’m not sure the long-sleeved shirt is a great idea under the cardigan, and the blousing might make this even weirder. I kind of like it, but also suspect that in a year or two this will be re-classified as a Bad Decision. So far no one has told me I look like an idiot. When in doubt, ignore the stares and whispers.
  • Ralph Lauren jeans, Goodwill, September 2012. Wow, I love these jeans. Shopping for jeans is the worst thing ever. Usually I find a brand/cut that doesn’t look terrible and just buy the same pair over and over until it is discontinued. Shopping for jeans at Goodwill means trying on 50 pairs, from sizes 4 to 14 (no joke) because every brand is cut differently, and they’re all stretched and shaped  inconsistently, thanks to bodies of previous wearers. This pair is sort of trousery, with a moderately wide, straight leg. The best work jeans I have ever owned. I always get compliments when I wear them and I suspect it is because they make my butt look nice, although no one has used exactly those words. All this joy and triumph for just $10! There must be a catch, and there is: they’re just a touch too short. They have a really wide hem, so maybe I could get them let down, transforming them into the most perfect pants ever. But let’s be honest: I will never do this. I hear a good tailor can work miracles. But that requires you to locate a good tailor, call to make an appointment, remember to take your ill-fitting clothes with you to work, go there after work, and then go back to pick them up some other day, doubling the chances that you will get a ticket trying to park on the street downtown.
  • Navy Clarks moccasin-like shoes. DSW clearance rack, Fall 2012. I bought Clarks. On clearance. Does this mean I’m old? The other day at work I noticed that a colleague who is about to retire was wearing these same shoes, so the answer must be….yes. They are extremely comfortable, though, and I find them appealing in a sort of dorky way. I even wear them with dresses/skirts and tights sometimes. You can take the girl out of the sensible shoes, but you can’t take the sensible shoes out of the girl. 

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