Seeking Springtime

Most years, by the end of February, I have pretty much given up on life:
Photo on 2012-04-18 at 23.08

The endless cold, gray, slushy, snowy, sleety dark days maketh me to furrow my brow and clench my jaw. My neck flees the scene altogether. These four weeks are the longest and hardest ones of the year for me. So, March 1 is always cause for revelry, or at least exposed wrist bones. Even if the day itself is just as gray, dreary, slushy and cold as February 28, March 1 is a sign of better things to come.

To celebrate the fact that winter will sometime soon maybe come to an end, I wore:

Photo 46

  •  Black & white printed chiffon scarf with neon green stitching. Stocking stuffer from my mother-in-law, 2011. OK, no joke, I won the mother-in-law jackpot. Mostly because she’s just a warm and funny woman, but I won’t lie–her excellent taste, great eye for size and style, and lack of her own daughter to shop for are all nice perks. Usually when she gives me clothes, this scarf included, I’m skeptical (why the random neon green stitching?) until I put them on…and they magically fit perfectly and look great. Trust the people in your life who have good taste, especially if they are also generous, and be sure to wear something they gave you every time you see them.
  • Turquoise 3/4 length sleeve cardigan. T.J.Maxx? Christmas gift from my mom, 2011. I currently have three cardigans that are exactly this color, with varying sleeve lengths and bagginess. I wear this one all. the. time. It has a little row of three buttons on each cuff that I love. I like 3/4 length sleeves because I’m too cold with short or no sleeves, but fabric flopping around my wrists and hands while I work drives me nuts. I wind up pulling long sleeves all the way down over my hands and gripping the cuffs in my fists, which looks unprofessional and also makes it difficult to type. 3/4 length sleeves are how I avoid looking like a kindergartner at work. 
  • Black & white striped 3/4 length sleeve fit & flare ponte dress. Old Navy, Fall 2012. In 2012 I had a lot of good luck shopping vintage stores and Goodwill, and made some kind of rash declaration like, “I’m done contributing to the wasteful, questionable cheap clothing manufacturing market! I’m never shopping at those stores again!” And then Old Navy sent me an email alerting me to these dresses going on clearance. I could tell from the pictures that they were exactly the right shape for my body. I bought two. Sigh. When you find something that just works for you, buy two (or more). And if you want to stick to resolutions about where to shop, for God’s sake unsubscribe from the email lists of the blacklisted stores. 
  • Black knit belt, stolen from a different top in my closet, ca. 2008. I don’t really know how to shop for belts. I buy them all the time, always thinking, “This will be a great basic that will go with everything!” And then the only “belts” I wind up wearing are those long strips that often come with sweaters and sweaterdresses to tie around the waist. I struggle a lot with the unbridgeable chasm between belts that fit around the waist and those that fit around the hips. The belt I want to wear is almost always the wrong waistline for whatever pants or skirt I’m wearing. Belts that tie always fit. And they’re comfortable.
  • Black tights. Unearthed in drawer. Possibly ~15 years old. These seriously might have been my mom’s, and I might have borrowed them for a band concert in high school and never given them back. Don’t be like me. Hosiery is your friend. Pay attention to it.
  • Hot pink rainboots, Meijer, ca. 2006. Ah, how I remember standing in the aisle of Meijer wavering between the hot pink boots and the plain black ones. Like it was even a choice. Make like Ramona Quimby and always go for the fun raingear. If, like me, you are prone to Seasonal Affective Disorder, it may save your sanity one day. 
  • Hidden from view are 1) Bright yellow round drop earrings and 2) Thick fuzzy black socks, because the lining of the boots is useless against the cold.

Ring out ye bells, it is the month of lions, lambs, and leprechauns!


4 thoughts on “Seeking Springtime

  1. Agree about the 3/4 sleeves! Long sleeves I pull down or push up and either way they get all stretched out and flop around my wrists. I love the pink boots. LOVE.

  2. wrists don’t get cold and 3/4 length make your arms look longer….or so I have read. Short sleeved sweaters are just goofy….who needs a sweater in warm weather….said the girl in the land of perpetual 90+ degree summers…oh wait…over airconditioned buildings…..

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