Passport, please

My passport expired in the middle of February. I knew this was coming. I’ve been procrastinating renewing it since June 2012, when a kindly Canadian immigration officer pointed out to me that it was going to expire in 8 months (I know! Jeez!).

Why do I do these things? Why? Now if I need to flee the country right now, today, I actually can’t do it.

That has a way of making a girl antsy, plus I know I’ll need it later this year for work. So finally on Saturday I went to Walgreen’s to have a new picture taken.

I carefully selected what I wanted to be wearing in my official identification document for the next ten years:

Photo 65

  • Teal Ralph Lauren polo tshirt, T.J.Maxx, gift from my mom, 2012. This is the shirt that might convince me it’s worth spending money on tshirts. (Or at least getting designer castoffs from outlet stores, as she did). It’s just better. It’s soft, it’s a beautiful color and fit. I would have totally pooh-poohed the idea of a designer tshirt, until I put one on. 
  • Gray, teal, and yellow cardigan, Target clearance, March 2013. OK, this is one of the things I bought on my days off last week. It was $8. Also its colors reminds me of Kelsey’s wedding, which was an awesome day.
  • Necklace: malachite beads strung on a wire that could be used to kill someone. Purchased in 2007 at a weird hippie store in Berwick-upon-Tweed while my mom and I waited for the tide to go out so we could cross the muddy flats to Lindisfarne.
  • Signature by Levi Strauss & Co. jeans, Meijer ca. 2009. I knew it didn’t matter what pants I wore, so I went with my old Saturday jeans. Note that these are not actual Levi’s, but SignaturebyLeviStrauss&Co.–the Levi’s discount brand, available at a grocery store near you.
  • Beloved green Skechers, ca. 2006. These are the shoes that will not die. I have replaced them so many times, but I never manage to get rid of them. They keep coming back. They have Velcro.

And then this happened:


I’m only a head! It didn’t matter at all what color I decided to wear. At least it was a good hair day!

In any case, I am looking forward to no longer traveling on official library business with an ID picture taken when I was in high school.



2 thoughts on “Passport, please

  1. Just a warning, the photo will look weird in the new passport. They print them on the paper now and mine (loved the original photo I sent) looked hideous. I was all red and weirdly colored. Very disappointing.

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