Facepalm Friday: calendars are hard

I like to think of myself of an organized person. When it comes to the earrings in my jewelry box, the spices in my cabinet, and the books on my shelf, the picture frames on my dresser, the sweaters in my drawer, I am. I am the best at packing suitcases. I like arranging objects.  In fact, the disarrangement of all my stuff as I wait for office-moving-fallout to settle is contributing significantly to my general life anxiety right now.

But I am the worst at organizing time and space, even with the support of fancy digital tools.

I can keep track of two of these: date, time, and place. But not all three. If one changes unexpectedly, I will miss it. Actually, I usually forget altogether to find/reserve a location until like five minutes before a meeting I’ve called. “Guys, let’s just hover around my desk, OK?” has happened more often than it should.

I am notorious for showing up in the wrong place, or at the wrong time, or on the wrong day. I’m not even surprised by it anymore.

In the last six months, my job has changed, landing me with lots and lots and lots more meetings than I used to have–the three-meeting day, previously the ivory-billed woodpecker of my life, is now just a plain old crow. Everywhere, all the time, cawing in my ear. Things are getting messy.

I use Google calendar obsessively. But I kind of suck at it.

How are you at showing up in the right place at the right time? Any tricks to share with me?


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