Trying to look smart

Heading to an academic honor society induction for Sam. So I needed an outfit that said “We aren’t really swayed by Greek letters and brass pins” but also “We respect the solemnity of this occasion” and “Sam has worked so hard and I am proud of him and happy that he’s being recognized in this fashion. It is my honor to eat catered cucumber slices at his side.”

Also, this outfit had to walk the line between winter and spring. It’s St. Patrick’s Day and sunny, but there is snow on the ground and a biting wind.

I went with this: Photo 78

  • Pink 3/4 sleeve Merona blouse, hand-me-down from my aunt-in-law (yes), new-to-me spring 2012. I love this blouse. I even ironed it. (Our afternoon almost took a very different turn as Pico tried to rub his face against the iron). Pretty much every time we see Sam’s family, we come away with garbage bags full of clothes. More often than not (to my ongoing surprise), they turn out to be winners. When it comes to hand-me-downs, graciously accept first; ask questions later. 
  • Pink Old Navy ribbed tank top, ca. 2008.  This is just one example from my extensive collection of Old Navy ribbed tank tops. I’m wearing it underneath the blouse, which is basically transparent. This marks the first time I actually changed my outfit based on the picture I took  for this blog. I was originally wearing a black tank top underneath the blouse, and I thought the contrast was striking but it….wasn’t. To paraphrase Clueless: Don’t trust mirrors–always take Polaroids. 
  • Black and pink Silkland linen skirt, probably from the Von Maur in Eastland Mall, ca. 2004. I should have ironed this too, probably. This is one that I just keep holding on to (seriously, it’s almost ten years old? How can that be?). It goes in and out of circulation depending on whether I have any tops that go with it. I probably hadn’t worn it for a year or two before I got this pink blouse, which by some miracle matches it perfectly. But I like it, I can never seem to get rid of it, and I’m always glad to bring it back. Feel free to ignore that rule about getting rid of anything you haven’t worn in the last 12 months.
  • Black tights from God knows where.
  • Bare Traps black leather chunky ankle boots, DSW, fall 2012. I bought these last September after I destroyed my last pair of black leather chunky ankle boots trudging over miles of cobblestones in Oxford in the middle of the night. They dress up jeans. They give attitude/weight to skirts. They keep your feet above the snow and most puddles. They go with everything. They are easy to travel in. But I’m hard on them and they don’t last. To avoid looking too shabby, replace your white tshirts and your black ankle boots at least every 18 months. 

I probably should have also worn a sweater. It is really not spring outside.

Photo 83Oooh, I also wore these earrings, which my mom gave me for my birthday in….let’s see, probably 2010. I’ve hardly worn them because they’re so big and, admittedly, tonight by the time I got home, my ears were a little sore. Now that my hair is getting long again, I’m learning the trick about giant earrings: if you don’t want to look like you’re going to the Oscars, wear them with your hair down, and they kind of disappear–they’ll just peek out now and then when you move around.  I always felt like if I was committing to huge earrings, I should put my hair up so they could be seen. But then they’d be too ostentatious and I would give up and not wear them at all. Hair down provides an unexpectedly subtle middle road.


3 thoughts on “Trying to look smart

  1. 1) You are pretty.
    2) So glad you guys didn’t have to make a trip to the emergency vet today.
    3) Congrats to Sam!

    • Thank you and thank you, friend! And, yes re: Pico. He probably liked the warm air on his face in our freezing house. But come on! Aren’t animals supposed to have some kind of self-preservation instincts?

  2. I love that earring trick! I do that too. I feel less conspicuous with giant earrings when my hair is down. Yesterday, I attempted to wear chunky dangly ones while my hair was in a bun and I didn’t even make it out of the house before I switched to studs. Just felt too weird!

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