Game of Thrones is Ris’n today, Alleleuiah!

Today is Easter Sunday. It is also the premiere of Game of Thrones, season 3. We have a long Sunday evening tradition of eating dinner with our friends and watching the show together. Which is to say, taking advantage of our friends’ HBO subscription so we can participate in this cultural phenomenon without having to pay for it ourselves.

I do feel like we should bring something to the table, though. Tonight it will be the cookies, and a little something special: two bottles of fine Dornish wine. Or something like that:

Contrary to what the Starks have to say, SPRING is coming. Happy Easter, and Happy GoT day.

BLAST! I realized 10 minutes later that–of course!–the Wallmelt should be Arbor gold, not Dornish gold. Oh well.


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