It’s-your-turn-to-get-up-with-the-dog Sunday


Awwwww, MOM! You’re embarrassing me!

Daisy wakes up before dawn every day and starts making sharp, shrill yelping sounds that suggest she is being tortured, that she has had the worst nightmare ever, that she really really really needs to go out like right now, or maybe just that she is ready to be served her breakfast, thank you very much.

During the week I get up with her around 5 a.m. (ok, really it’s closer to 5:30) and we go for a run before work. Sam is responsible for the after-work run. On Saturdays he gets up with her and I get to sleep in. On Sundays, it’s my turn again. Ah, parenthood. 

This is actually a lot better than it used to be when she was a little pup. Used to be that you had to really get up and be awake and watch her and play with her that whole time. Now I just let her out to pee, give her food and water and put a milkbone in her Kong. Then I go to sleep on the couch for another 2-3 hours and she putters around, occasionally wandering over to stick her her nose in my eye socket.

I insist that we wait until it is light outside to go for our walk. We do enough wandering around outside in the dark every other day of the week. Plus, when it’s dark the neighbors can’t see my elegant dog-walking ensemble:

Photo 114

  • ZeroXposur navy and white ski jacket with pink piping, Bergner’s ca. 2005. Notice how the white is used to create the illusion of an hourglass figure even while in a puffy coat. Overall, I think the effect is more penguin than anything else. The best thing about this coat is that it has snug fleece cuffs around the wrists so snow and wind can’t go up your sleeves. This was my main winter coat until 2009, when I got a job and upgraded to something more professional. This one is too dirty/shabby to donate (and I cannot get it clean), but its condition is too good to throw away. So I will probably keep it forever. It is now my official dog-walking/dog park coat. I also wear it ice skating and would probably wear it sledding or skiing if I ever had the opportunity to do either of those things again. In other words, I wear it just as much now as I ever did before I “replaced” it, probably more. Choose your necessities/basics with care. Some of them will follow you forever. 
  • Block M knit cap, 2002 or 2007 or 2008. Pretty sure they issue these to each citizen in their Ann Arbor welcome packets. I bought one when I visited the campus as a high schooler. Then I lost it and replaced it. Then Sam got one. Then one of the lost ones resurfaced. Then it got lost again. Now we have only one of the original three. We should just buy a dozen of these and keep them on hand for guests to wear. 
  • REI fleece-lined workout pants, January 2012. These were a New Year’s resolution impulse buy last year. It worked, too: to my surprise, dropping a bunch of money on workout gear actually got me exercising. You can drop just a medium bunch of money, instead of a huge bunch, by buying the store brand. Apparently they’re not quite as good as the brand names, performance-wise, but since my regimen involves jogging a maximum of 1.25 miles through my neighborhood….it’s fine.
  • Wool socks with giant cat faces. Christmas gift from my aunt ca. 2004. They also have tails on the back. Everyone needs a pair of these, period. 
  • Sam’s knock-off crocs, Target or Meijer, 2012. Sam likes to take these on backpacking trips because they’re lightweight, waterproof, and easy-on/easy-off around the campsite after you release your feet from your hiking boots. The knock-offs seem to be just as good as the originals, although they lack the nubbly insole and, more importantly, the strap around the heel that keeps them from falling off. I chose them today because they were the only shoes that fit over these socks. For every shoe there is a season. 

Soon enough, we’ll be trading in the coats and wool socks for…..galoshes and raincoats. Welcome, spring. Can’t wait to wander through you at 5 a.m.


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