Tricksy Tuesday

I love this outfit. It is packaged basically straight from September 2010, when (thanks to Angelique) I had a coupon for 30% off everything I bought that weekend at Old Navy, Gap, or probably also Banana Republic. Let us just say that I took advantage:

Photo 126

Can you see that Daisy is doing that butt-in-the-air dog stretch thing? That’s her ridiculous curly tail sticking up. She is the best.

  • Gray cardigan with rhinestone detail, GAP, Fall 2010
  • Purple sweaterdress, Old Navy, Fall 2010
  • Skinny jeans, Old Navy, Fall 2010
  • Brown Born leather boots, Christmas 2007
  • Ridiculous earrings, from some accessory shop in L.A., January 2011

It is extremely comfortable, without looking too sloppy. All stretchy cotton–a welcome relief after yesterday’s tiny-waisted vintage dress. It also is a perfect hybrid of my style and….my grandma’s. Cardigan? Sweaterdress? Boots? Excessively large earrings? Me, me, me, me. Me to a T. But my grandma loves bling, and loves purple, and this outfit makes me think of her. I wore this once when I went to visit her, and I knew she would be obsessed with the rhinestone detail on the cardigan (the magpie gene must skip a generation, since my mom seems at best perplexed by our interest in wearing large plastic sparkly beads on our clothes).

Here’s a closer, overexposed look at my bling:

Photo 127

The rhinestones are just a red herring. Strange as it sounds, this is the closest thing I have to pajamas for work.


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