I’m alive!

Hi! I’m alive.

Although a couple of pre-scheduled posts have gone out in the last week or so, I feel like I’ve been MIA for a little while. Over the last ten days I’ve been at conferences/meetings on both coasts.

This has involved lots of professional/academic challenges*, conversations**, cool people***, good food****, mixed weather*****, carefully constructed outfits (and some not so much)****** and opportunities to catch up with friends who live in these far-flung places. ******* Tomorrow I head home at last.

Well, if by “home,” you mean Toledo regional airport, where Sam will collect me.

This is me after 10 days of living in hotels out of a suitcase and eating too much airport food:

Photo on 2013-04-13 at 19.18

After messing around with all of Robyn’s hairsprays, goops, and heated implements last week, I discovered to my shock that, properly equipped, I am more or less able to reconstruct my hair as it looked when it was first cut:


But we are now days and miles and lightyears away from that. Hello, cowlick my old friend, you’ve come to haunt me once again….

* Learning about how merchants did their bookkeeping in the 16th century. Presenting a paper on how I think websites are like book bindings. Trying not lose my cool in discussions about whether to use the word “file” or “document” or some made up word when referring to an XML-encoded edition. Totally falling behind at my real job.

** What’s your favorite Hitchcock movie? What’s your PhD thesis about? How’s the job hunt going? What are you drinking?

*** Librarians, scholars, researchers, graduate students, faculty, programmers, etc., mostly from the U.S, Canada, and U.K.

****Fish tacos, quinoa, fancy flatbread pizza, thali, huevos rancheros, ropa vieja…and champagne, weirdly.

***** Spring is fighting to gain a foothold on every coast

****** A rainbow of tights and cardigans!

******* Robyn! Katherine! ❤ ❤ <3!


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