Thurston Thursday

There are thunderstorms here, snow and ice in Denver, floods in Chicago. It’s been a fairly crappy week, on the grand world scale, and also on the minuscule locked-out-of-my-office-dropped-a-bagel-cream-cheese-down-on-myself-work-projects-going-awry-sandstorm-in-my-ice-cream scale. Not that that compares, at all, to the other stuff. But it’s been a week, nonetheless. Yesterday I dressed really nicely for a specific purpose (a repeat of the gray top and navy skirt here), and ended up having to trek all over town in a tight skirt (turns out if you walk more than ten steps the skirt completely reverses itself) and heels, in the rain, and the reason I had dressed up in the first place pretty much totally fell through.

Therefore, today is a good day for dressing like an old man. I shall call it, Thurston Thursday:

Photo 133

  • Yellow sweater vest, Goodwill, September 2012. I’ve had this thing for seven months, and this is my first time wearing it out. I think I paid $3 for it. I love sweater vests, and I love the idea of oversized sweater vests. But in reality, I usually get ones in a thin knit that appear huge and flowy, but are actually made for women my size. This is an actual, legitimate vest that was once owned by your grandpa, or possibly mine. I was all for that when I got it, but it has consequences: it’s really boxy and wide, and a very thick knit. The armholes are huge and hang off my shoulders. It’s quite comfy and I like the color, but I think I need to work on how to wear it so I don’t look like I’m being slowly consumed by some kind of cableknit monster.
  • Ribbed brown Old Navy tank top ca. 2004. From my extensive collection of same.
  • White 3/4 length sleeve v-neck Columbia shirt, gift from my mother-in-law ca. 2012. I put my elbow in taco sauce today. Sigh. I cannot be trusted with white.
  • My usual jeans
  • My dorky blue Clarks
  • Headband (Kroger ca. 2009) and large hoop earrings (from the Garlic Press in Normal, IL, birthday gift from my in-laws last year) trying to counter than old mannishness of this ensemble.

Comfy, casual day, except for sometimes when the bulky yellow knit would creep into my peripheral vision and stress me out.

What do you wear on a rainy day?


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