Toffee is tough


Pretty sure that’s not right.

Last night I tried to make English toffee.

OK. Seriously? Candy recipes are lies. They look so straightforward. They have very clear steps. They only have like 3 ingredients. I know you need to be precise and use a candy thermometer and I do. But every time I have ever tried to make anything that involves boiling sugar, cream, and butter, it comes out the same. No matter what consistency I am trying to achieve, my results are like if you buttered an Airhead.

Help me, please. What am I doing wrong? Do you have any helpful tips for my next toffee attempt?

I seriously don’t know what to do with this stuff. I can’t even really break or cut it into pieces. It just bends and stretches, and when you try to grab onto it, it slips through your fingers. Plus the chocolate layer just shatters, and almonds fly everywhere. What do you recommend?


2 thoughts on “Toffee is tough

  1. I think you need to cook it longer. It looks like the sugar hasn’t gotten to the right stage – it’s on the verge of caramel rather than the hard crack you’d need for toffee.

  2. I think you’re right! So, you would recommend hard crack for toffee? That’s what I would think in my head–toffee should be hard and shattery!–but the recipe said soft crack….so maybe it had me at way too low a temperature to begin with.

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