Dresses have I loved

I realized that I’m sitting on a stack of dresses that I’ve worn this spring, but haven’t posted. Mostly because I took the pictures in the dark, dark morning, crudely lightened them up using, like, Preview, and was embarrassed by the results. But I now cast off my shame! Here are the dresses:

Photo 74

  • Bright green vintage dress, ca. 1970s. Apple Annie’s Vintage Clothing and Jim MacDonald’s Antiques, purchased March 2012. This is a handmade dress that I believe also belonged to my vintage doppelgänger. I luuuuuurve this dress. The fabric is really heavy, and it drapes so nicely. And the color is wild. Naturally, I wore this on St. Patrick’s Day!
  • Hose, Meijer, February 2013. These are textured, with a diamond pattern woven into them that you cannot see here at all. These are quite a daring break with tradition for me, because since I was 12 my mom has been telling me not to wear flesh-colored tights/hose. She is vehemently against them for some reason. But you guys know me: always a rebel.
  • Navy flats, The GetUp Vintage, spring 2012. These are leather, with a braided/woven border around the top and the tiny-tiniest of kitten heels (they are flats with a little heel nubbin on the bottom). The plastic heel on each shoe shattered the first time I wore them, but I took them to Ann Arbor Shoe Repair  and they were fixed, basically instantly.

Photo 112

  • Bright orange/salmon pointelle dress, Old Navy, Fall 2012. This is the sister dress to the one I wore in my very first post but this one is sleeveless. Mysteriously, even though I bought the dresses in the same size, the other one fits perfectly while this one is too big. The armholes gape and hang, so I have to wear it with a sweater. Which, you know, is fine, because I don’t exactly have Michelle Obama arms, plus I’m cold all the time anyway. 
  • Black pullover v-neck sweater. Probably Mossimo? Which would mean, Target. Maybe ca. 2007? Suffice it to say I have had this one a long time.
  • Black knit belt snagged from another outfit.
  • Black tights of mysterious origin
  • Ye olde black boots, DSW, Fall 2012

Photo 119mod

  • Brown wool 3/4 sleeve dress, The GetUp Vintage, September 2012. I bought this dress when Anne came to visit! Uggggh, this is the worst brightening job of all time. The quality is terrible and you can’t see anything about this dress, which I love so much. It has some buttons down the front (decorative only), a tie belt, and a weighty-yet-swingy skirt, just like the green dress above. But also a tiny, tiny waist. I can wiggle into this one, but when I climb out of it at the end of the day, my ribs cry with relief. 
  • Brown tights, Target, 2007. These tights are not of mysterious origin. I know exactly where they came from. I bought them right before Halloween in 2007. They are supposedly made of bamboo. And they have held up marvelously. I recommend bamboo tights to one and all.
  • The boots! These are the boots behind Chameleon in Boots. I bought them in Rome in 2004 in a store on Via del Corso, near Piazza del Popolo. I have no idea what it was called. They are brown in some light, burgundy–almost purple–in other light. Probably my most beloved footwear ever, these too were resurrected at Ann Arbor Shoe Repair, where last year they got new insoles and new…outsoles? New rubber on the bottom. Whatever you call that.

Who’s ready for summer dresses!?


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