Signature Sunday: That Suede Jacket

This jacket was a Christmas gift from my grandmother in 2005. Around June, the Gramminator suggested to my mom that perhaps I would like a leather jacket for Christmas. She continued to pose the question for the next six months. I was not at all sure that I wanted a leather jacket, and couldn’t really imagine this going well–my grandmother cruising Dillards (well, to the extent that she cruises anywhere) and buying an expensive jacket for me, sight unseen. I probably shrugged and said something like, “If it will make her happy to get that for me, fine.” Which was basically the only thing I could do. She is a woman who sticks to her convictions, when her convictions have to do with what she thinks you should eat or wear. Plus she had probably already bought it.

So along came Christmas, and the jacket. I knew what I was getting, and yet had no idea what to expect. And… is amazing. Not gonna lie, this woman can be off her rocker about some things. But she has a good eye.

I feel like Jerry Seinfeld in this jacket:

It’s a beautiful light suede, with a wide-enough-to-be-interesting-but-not-stop-traffic pointed collar, and just a plain and simple zipper up the front–no lapels or buttons or breast pockets, which I think is why I like it so much. It’s very sleek. It’s lightweight, but blocks the wind. And stops right at the top of the hips, so you can wear it with pants, skirts, dresses, etc. I recently took this thing on my Detroit->San Diego->L.A.->Detroit->Providence whirlwind tour, and it worked like a charm on both coasts and everywhere in between. If it gets too warm, you can just roll it up and shove it into a large shoulder bag.

I seem to get caught in the rain in it all the time. And, despite what Seinfeld would have us believe, it doesn’t seem to be ruined at all! OK, so it has some practically invisible water spots. Life goes on.

Hmm, now that I see the difference between how it looked in 2008 and how it looks today, I am reminded once again that I really should get it professionally cleaned and brushed and freshened up so–hopefully–I can get years and years more out of it. Thanks, Grammie!


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