The Wedding Dance

The Wedding Dance, Pieter Bruegel the Elder. Detroit Institute of Arts.

If I’m counting right, this past weekend marked the 22nd wedding I’ve been to, since I’ve been going to weddings.

I still love them.

Weddings were a huge mystery to me for most of my youth. I didn’t have a large extended family with lots of cousins nearby, and anyway, I was at the older end of the cousin age range. From, say, 1987 to 2007, I only went to one: at age 11, I stood up and then promptly sat down in my aunt’s wedding. I basically fainted in the middle of the ceremony, and was shocked–shocked!–that people at the reception kept coming up to me to ask if I was OK. I thought I’d been so subtle!

Oh, make that one and a half: I also went to my fifth grade teacher’s wedding ceremony.

My senior year of college, Sam’s friends, a whopping one year older, started to get married. And six years later the pace is just starting to let up. Kind of. In that time I’ve been thrice a a bridesmaid, twice re-worn the dresses, and once a bride. We went to a wedding on our honeymoon. I gather this is normal for our stage in life. (Well, maybe not the honeymoon part).

I still love weddings, but I find that over time, what that means has changed. Continue reading