Bare legs? Natural light? What is this strange place?

I don’t know about you, but for weeks now I’ve been waking up, jaw clenched before my eyes even open, repeating over and over to myself “spring is coming, spring is coming, spring is coming….” but not really believing it ever will. I dressed optimistically one day last week–cropped leggings, bare feet in ballet flats, short skirt–and it fucking snowed.

Like Natalie Wood in Miracle on 34th St–I believe, I believe, it’s silly, but I believe–I’ve been trying to keep the faith but really not expecting much.

And then–STOP, UNCLE FRED, STOP, STOP! (hm, out of context, that quote comes across badly)–it happened. The trees are blossoming. The whole city smells like flowers. The grass is turning green. Just like it does every year. I could cry with relief, but instead I’ll just blind people with my pasty legs:

Photo 156

  • Stretch jersey taupe blazer, J.Jill, gift from my MIL, ca. 2010. I read once in a blog post that the secret to looking awesome on a trans-continental flight is a jersey blazer: it’s as comfy as a sweatshirt, can be balled up into a pillow without much damage, but looks way more put together than your bleach-stained college hoodie. I’ve worn this thing every time I’ve flown since then. It is the best. It goes with everything. It’s soft, adds a light layer of warmth and professionalism to everything. If you don’t have one of these, get one today. 
  • Tank dress, on clearance at AdornMe, fall 2012. This is the first time I’ve worn this dress without tights. I’m in that awkward middle period right now, where the weather has turned, but I don’t really trust that it’s for real and I haven’t switched out my winter clothes yet. These weird weeks can be fun, because all kinds of unlikely, untested outfits are born out of necessity. It had never crossed my mind to wear this jacket and dress together. But will do it from now on. Microcosmic example of a life lesson you already knew but usually don’t like to take to heart: the most uncomfortable, difficult periods in our lives wind up giving birth to creativity and growth. 
  • Steve Madden ballet flats, DSW, summer 2012. I bought these flats for Kelsey’s wedding, and have worn them practically every warm day since then. Like many of my shoes (see also: dorky blue Clarks and black ankle boots) once I buy them, I can’t remember what shoes I even used to wear. I must have gone barefoot. Also, mysteriously, these have almost exactly the same pattern as the dress. When you find shoes like this, be smarter than I was and buy two pair. I’m going to be devastated when these go, and given my record with them this week alone, they’re not going to make it through the summer. 
  • Not visible in picture: obnoxious orange giant flower earrings, Target, summer 2011. 

I do realize this is my third post in 24 hours about the miracle of spring, but I don’t really care.


One thought on “Bare legs? Natural light? What is this strange place?

  1. Sing it, sister. The collective mood here improved significantly today, in direct correlation to the temperature. Love the outfit, and that jersey blazer idea is genius.

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