These skirts aren’t made for walking

I love wearing dresses and skirts. I like how they look, I like how I look in them, I like how I feel in them, etc. But unfortunately, many of them just don’t accommodate my lifestyle very well. I know more than one person who has sworn off pants entirely, either for a period of time, or forever. I’d be up for this challenge, except that every day I park a minimum of 2 blocks from my office. About half the time, it’s more like 4. And at least three days a week, I have to take a 1.5 mile (round trip) hike to another location for meetings, events, or whatever. Sadly, doing these things in these skirts just makes my life so much more annoying. I don’t want that to be true, but it is. These freaking skirts just aren’t made for walking.

I used to plan my outfits around how far I had to walk that day (I sometimes still do, if I know it’s going to be a crazy day). But I don’t want my wardrobe to be driven by the fact that I never know when I might need to nip up to the other building*!

Skirt wearers, what do you recommend?

This skirt actually does a 180° when I walk. I arrive at my destination, with my skirt on backwards. Plus the wraparound is just not great for anything except standing exactly as I am in this picture. You walk, and it flops open. You sit, and it flops open. It is held on, essentially, by cufflinks. Not even real buttons or ties. If the little brass toggles slip out of alignment, we’re all in big trouble.

Photo 140

  • Green ombre scarf, purchased by mom in Piazza Navona, Rome 2004. My mom picked up this one, along with others, when she and my dad came to visit me in Rome for a weekend in November 2004. Then she gave it to me! Lucky me. Stay tuned for a post about my acute scarf problem. 
  • Navy boatneck sweater, 3/4-length sleeves, Forever 21, Spring 2008. If Forever 21 clothes are supposed to be trendy and badly made–literally and figuratively “disposable”–then this is the exception that proves the rule. I love this top, which is a deep, almost violet navy. Bought it at Briarwood Mall before I went to Washington D.C. for a spring break (or winter break) internship at the Library of Congress. It is so comfortable, so classy. It’s flattering, goes with lots of things that nothing else goes with, and is still in fine shape after dozens and dozens of wearings and washings over the last 5 years.
  • Green and blue houndstooth wraparound skirt, Second Time Around, Boston, April 2012. Sigh. So hard to wear. So maybe the smart thing to do is just never wear this on days when I have to go outside. But that’s not very practical! Maybe that’s why this skirt was donated to the consignment shop in the first place. It’s always worth considering why someone might have gotten rid of their high-quality, barely worn clothes….
  • Navy tights, Target, spring 2013
  • Dorky blue Clarks

This skirt is super fun and contains every color of the rainbow in its pattern, so it goes with everything. Or so I tell myself. But it is also made of a super thin, super clingy and prone to static, unlined fabric:

Photo 151

  • Coral beaded necklace, Orchid Lane Warehouse (the <$15 side), spring 2011. One of my first forays into the world of large necklaces! The thing I love most about it so far? Modular construction! When one strand got caught on Daisy’s crate and broke, scattering hundreds of tiny coral beads around the room, it *only* affected that single strand. Yeah, I guess there’s a gap if you look closely, but I can pretty much wear this like it never happened. Before purchasing, check your accessories for safeguards against clumsiness and haste!  
  • Blue v-neck 3/4 length sleeve t-shirt, Pitaya, spring 2010. 
  • Bohemian drawstring skirt, Orchid Lane Warehouse, spring 2010. Pattern contains blue, black, and brown, red, pink, and orange! Can wear with any tights and basically anything I want. That’s what that means, right?
  • Lace-up leather boots, Rome, 2004

OK, this is the dress I bought to replace the gray tunic featured in a recent Bad Decision Thursday. The problems are probably self evident: shortness and cling. I could barely get from the car to my office without exposing myself:

Photo 158

  • Gray shirtdress, Old Navy, summer 2012. Um, is this a shirtdress? I guess I’m actually not sure. maybe not. Impulse purchase! I wore it once without leggings or tights when I was on vacation and wanted to be very daring. Mostly the ties hanging around my elbows drive me nuts. 
  • Navy cami with lace trim, Orchid Lane Warehouse ca. 2010. I wear this thing constantly. It is washed in every single load of laundry I do (no, I do not separate my whites, sue me).
  • Cropped navy leggings, Pitaya, spring 2010. These have served their purpose, but are getting a bit threadbare. Replace, or are leggings on the way out? Help me, please.
  • Navy leather flats with braided trim, The GetUp Vintage, Spring 2012

I should mention that I am always wearing a slip with all of these. In case you were wondering.

So, what’s a girl to do? Do I need lessons in walking or something? Is that the problem? Or maybe it’s my giant shoulder bag, which gets stuck on my clothes and causes me to lurch like Quasimodo.

Maybe I should just get one of those Ben Hur chariots for one. Or, since it is the 21st century, perhaps a horseless chariot, i.e., Segway.

*Yes, I could, in theory, take a free bus between these places, but whenever I try to do that, I wind up waiting for 20 minutes in the rain. I will never drive, because both parking and traffic are maddening.


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