Color Block Party?

Beautiful, much-needed relaxing Saturday. Did some shopping this afternoon and then broke out the new clothes to meet friends for dinner:

Photo 161

“You don’t have to rub your superior color-blocking skills in everyone’s face,” Sam says. Does this even count as color-blocking? Would it count if I wore a yellow or purple tank instead of the navy, which basically comes across as a neutral?

  • Yellow necklace (and matching earrings) from Kim’s Resale Shop in Ypsi, purchased March 2012. One of the more daring necklaces I’ve committed to. I love it. The rings are made out of shells, or some shell-like material and make nice clinking sounds. 
  • Favorite old turquoise 3/4 length-sleeve cardigan. Grace Elements, probably from TJ Maxx, gift from my mom Christmas 2012. The tiny covered buttons are my favorite part of this one.
  • Dark navy (not black) cami, acquired today, May 4, 2013, at Old Navy. I hate spending money on black, white, and navy tshirts and tanks. I feel like every time I see them on sale I buy the exact same colors. But you have to have them, and you have to have them looking nice and clean and not stained and pilled.
  • NEON PINK PANTS! Old Navy Clearance! Today! OK, here I am putting my money where my mouth is, and trying to rectify my previous bad decision Thursday pink pants. These are a slimmer cut, a bolder color, and full-length pants that I can cuff to whatever length I want. So I’m hoping they’ll work better than the old pale, baggy, awkward ones. So far, so good.
  • Navy vintage leather flats with braided trim, from The GetUp Vintage. 

3 thoughts on “Color Block Party?

  1. Pink pants are pretty rad. I bought a pair of salmon colored ones last fall at Target and was hesitant to wear them. Fortunately, the surprisingly nice May weather changed my mind. I love that you’ve paired yours with other brights!

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