Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy

Finally switched out my winter clothes for my summer ones this weekend! Usually I do this way too early, like in March, and then terribly regret it. This year I wasn’t even tempted because we had practically zero nice days before the very end of April. But now we’re solidly into May, and it’s time.

Summer dresses are the best for lazy/rushed Monday mornings. No tights, no turtlenecks, no scarves, no jackets, no vests, no leggings, no spare pants, no socks that have to coordinate with shoes and pants and be work appropriate and, you know, match. Light cardigan optional.  You literally have to put on only one thing, and then you are dressed!

Photo 165

  • Black dotted Merona shirtdress, Target, ca. 2010. I’m never sure if I’m using the term shirtdress correctly. This dress has a collar and buttons all the way down the front. But it also has a regular, longish, A-line skirt, so it’s really a dress-dress, not a very long shirt-like thing masquerading as a dress. What are the constraining factors for shirtdresses? This is one of those dresses that I thought I would wear all the time, and in real life, I almost never wear it. I’m never quite as into dots as I want to be. And yet, it made the cut for yet another year–I can’t quite get rid of it. So I guess I’m committing to try to wear it more. 
  • Black flats with embroidered roses, Rome, 2004
  • Red cardigan that you can barely see clutched in my hand, Christmas gift from my aunt ca. 2007. This is made out of the softest, silkiest knit. Love it. It’s really better for winter, I think, but it’s always nice to have something like this at hand for black and white and red all over days like today.

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