Signature Sunday: That blue dress

I bought this dress at Old Navy in the summer of 2008, during a heat wave. I bought about six dresses that day, and they remain the core of my summer casual wear. This one is my favorite–the smocking gives me a tiny waist, and the embroidery on the straps and around the hem has Swiss Miss/Sound of Music-y “alp-peal.”

The skirt is a nice in-between cut and easy to wear–it neatly avoids those typical summer dress hazards of getting stuck between your legs or blowing up in the wind.

Can also be worn with a turtleneck and tights for winter, but I usually pack it away for the season so it isn’t ready at hand when I might wear it. Sometimes I do this late in the fall, when it’s cold but I haven’t gotten around to putting the summer clothes away yet.

Sadly, this one’s starting to look a little worse for wear….the embroidery is starting to come loose, etc. This may be its last summer.


2 thoughts on “Signature Sunday: That blue dress

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