Prepare for reentry

Despite my packing anxiety, three days in Traverse City turned out to be just the ticket. Sam worked, but I slept, ate, drank, swam, walked, visited the spa, layabout, got lost on a golf course, and watched Notting Hill (P.S. Daisy did not get kicked out of the doggy hotel)

Before we could get on our way last week, I had an early morning meeting, so I had to find some kind of middle road. What’s appropriate for both interviewing a journal editor, and letting your dog sleep on you while driving across the state?

Photo 168

  • Black wrap shirt, Express, 2008, over black cami, Old Navy, ca. 2011. This is another basic that I forget about and resurrect, year after year.  I like wrap-clothes…in theory. But in practice I find they’re often uncomfortable, gapey and bunchy. This one is no exception. Meh. I’m constantly wiggling around trying to get comfortable. But at least the dog hair doesn’t show!
  • Pink flowy vest thing, Old Navy, 2010. I will probably be wearing this thing when I’m 90 years old. One of those completely unnecessary, nonsensical things that I couldn’t resist. And yet, consider: I bought the black shirt thinking it would be a basic wardrobe staple. I wear it twice a year and every year talk myself out of getting rid of it…because…it’s a staple! Meanwhile this thing has absolutely no function other than getting caught in car doors, and yet I keep it at hand all four seasons and wear it regularly. The heart wants what it wants.
  • Ye olde Ralph Lauren Goodwill jeans, acquired September 2012
  • Open-toed coral flats, Target, Spring 2012. I love these things. They go with everything (coral always does, right? Right.) Sadly, like all my open-toed shoes and sandals, I have destroyed the front of these shoes. They always get scraped up on the sidewalk, because apparently I shuffle like a zombie. I tell myself no one notices (the banged up shoes or the shuffling), but I should probably replace these.

This is what I was wearing when I got lost on the golf course, so given the open toes, jeans, and butterfly wings, I’m guessing the course manager did not have a difficult time picking me out as an imposter.

And now it’s Monday. The first day back after a break is a little rough. Best to ease in with something comfy:

Photo 172

  • Blue and white boatneck striped Chaps tshirt, scavenged from Goodwill, September 2012. This is the first time I’ve worn this one to work. I thought the boatneck might make it feel polished, but it didn’t, really. It felt a little like giving up. We’re allowed to wear pretty much whatever we want, but this was the wrong direction for me today, I think: I needed to wear something that would spur me onward, not make me feel like the weekend. 
  • Navy cardigan! Old Navy, spring 2013. Until last weekend I did not own a navy cardigan (and haven’t, since like third grade), which is really just silly, considering I own more than 17 cardigans (three of them turquoise) and wear them basically all the time. I’m pleased with this acquisition and hope it will be a basic I’ll actually remember to wear. I haven’t even stretched out the cuffs yet. I spent all day clawing at my wrists trying not to cave.
  • Jeans, Goodwill, September 2012
  • Dorky blue Clarks, DSW clearance, fall 2012

It took me a little while to get back in the groove, but by the end of the day I was typing like the wind once again. A favorite accessory never fails to lift the mood: Photo 171


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