Beige linings playbook

I wore those little liner things with my shoes yesterday:


Daisy, you will notice, is not wearing paw liners.

 I am so torn about these things. I’ve always hated the way they look. I think they’re sloppy and dorky and, at least with pumps or ballet flats, they always show (I bought them in the first place to wear with lace up oxford-type shoes, where they really wouldn’t show…but that is another post).

And don’t tell me no one even notices them because I always notice when other people wear them and I think they look sloppy and dorky on them, too.

I mean, umm….

Nope, not going to pretend that’s not true. I am here, judging your shoe liners.

But. Boy howdy do these things serve a purpose. They are so comfortable. No sweaty, blistery feet for me! At the end of the day, I threw them in the laundry, and my feet were more or less clean!

Do you use these things? How do you feel about them?


Having a lie down after dinner. This is the life.


4 thoughts on “Beige linings playbook

  1. I have a love-hate relationship with them too! No matter how much I try, they always show! But I hate sweaty feet and the suction noise my feet make without a barrier between it and the shoe (though that may just be because my feet are pretty flat).

    My work around is odor eater shoe liners. They have a cottony top, so your foot still breathes. They’re not perfect though. If I wear pants, I just use knee-high nylons. (And now you know my secret…I’m an 80 year old woman inside a 28 year old body.)

  2. Oh man, I cannot handle them. My work around is baby powder on my feet (also a trick for the 80 year olds). Shoes with leather insoles are usually less icky and sticky so I try to go for those when possible.

  3. I have some but could never really get into wearing them regularly. I hate that they show. However, I have recently seen women wearing some lacy ones and I really want to try those. It seems like it would be the best of both worlds – a little bit of pretty lace peeking out from your shoe and clean, blister free feet.

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