Busy Bee

What’s black and yellow and floral-printed all over?

Photo 190

  • Black wrap shirt, Express, winter 2008. This shirt used to be too big, and now it fits perfectly. Either it shrank, or I gained weight. Probably both, le sigh. But, whatever the reason, it is more comfortable, and also looks better now, than it ever was in years past! Another case for hoarding: if your clothes don’t fit you today, maybe one day they’ll be misshapen enough, and your body will change enough, that they do. OK, part of me wants to insist that this is terrible advice. That you shouldn’t hold on to a bunch of clothes that don’t fit you, in case one day they do. On the other hand–my weight fluctuates enough in both directions from season to season and month to month, that it’s just good sense for me to have a variety of things in several sizes. I’ve done the “purge the closet of everything that doesn’t fit today” thing, and it left me hamstrung with a bunch of clothes that didn’t fit well six months later. Let your body be how it is, and make your wardrobe work with it. My weight changes as violently as my mood? And holding on to a spare black shirt ensures that I look and feel good, regardless? So be it. 
  • Yellow cami, Old Navy, spring 2013. I bought three of these things, which Old Navy was pushing as “half cami, half tank.” (What does that even mean?) I do like them better than the old classic Old Navy ribbed tank tops I’ve been buying in various colors for years.
  • Yellow and gray floral print skirt, Old Navy, spring 2010. The best thing about this skirt (besides the color, obviously) is that it has a proper lining that is cut narrower than the flowy top layer would have you believe. So, you get the peasant/boho look on the outside, without the risk of the skirt blowing up, getting stuck between your legs, etc. Perfect for summer casual, but a legitimate step up from beachwear.
  • Mossimo black suede flats with pointed toe and floral ornament, Target, fall 2009. These were part of my first “Oh, I have a real job now!” binge shopping period. Surprisingly comfortable and durable, for Target shoes.
  • Inspirational busy bee squeaky dog toy on the floor behind me. Thanks, Lara! Its wings and face have been ripped off, because our dog is some kind of cold-blooded killer.

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