Easy breezy

Another day, another different colored top to match a different part of the pattern on my multi-colored skirt:

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With my complements

I remember the first time I learned that purple and yellow were complementary colors. I thought it was bullshit.

Obviously red and green, sure, yeah. But purple and yellow? No! Blue and yellow were clearly “opposites”  (born wolverine?) and purple and orange could go to hell.

Clearly I was not grasping the main point of our first grade art appreciation session about primary and secondary colors.

I did come around to purple and yellow (or gold) later in life (Rolling Meadows mustangs we will fight to victory / Hail to purple, gold and white we’ll prove our loyalty!) although when dressing I still tend to fall back on blue, and only use purple as an accent now and then. Last Wednesday I pulled out my favorite yellow skirt and without thinking, went with a navy cardigan and shoes. At the last minute, I traded the navies out for purples:

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Somebody else’s Oreo truffles

Sam finished his master’s program this week! (Everybody together now: yaaaaaaaaay Sam!). So I tried to honor his achievement with a batch of Oreo truffles. If you have never had these things, I suggest you leave your computer immediately and rectify that shit.

We had these for them first time two years ago at Sam’s friends’ annual study abroad reunion. This is when a whole bunch of people who lived together for a semester gather and relive all of their drunken inside jokes while their wives smile weakly and eat Oreo truffles by the dozen. No, actually it is really fun. Not kidding about the truffles, though.

We encountered these again at Kelsey’s wedding last month, where they were out for the taking on a sweet table. Sam is particularly bitter about this, because he filled up a whole box with them to take home, and then while we were dancing, the catering staff took them away. I can only hope that some kid ate them all in the kitchen, and that they didn’t just get tossed out. What a waste that would be.

Anyway. Given his recent Oreo truffle heartbreak, and the fact that these things have only three ingredients (Oreos, cream cheese, chocolate) and don’t have to be baked, I thought I would give them a shot. In theory, here’s how this works: Continue reading

Ciao, Bella!

I love the internet.

I took Italian for one semester in college. The class consisted mostly of listening to this song over and over and over and over and over and attempting to transcribe the lyrics.

That, and our teacher bidding us to be “in the mouth of the wolf” before we took our finals. Erm, grazie?

Anyway, I didn’t remember the name of the song, or the artist, but I remembered random words from it. Because that is what I had: a list of vocabulary words that I picked out from it.

So I googled ‘cuscino finestra farfalla lyrics’

And there it was. Even though, as it turns out, I remembered (or perhaps transcribed) wrong, and there are no farfalle (butterflies or pasta) in the song at all:

So, ciao, bella! Come stai?