Ten years and then some…

Ten years plus one day ago, I went to my senior prom.

Ten years minus one day ago, I graduated from Rolling Meadows High School.

Toastface played at my graduation party. A decade later, Ben and Max are once again in a psychedelic rock band together.

Ten years ago today I turned 18, and spent the day at Grant Park and the Lincoln Park Zoo with my girlfriends and some of our prom dates. I am pleased to report that, just like Vitamin C promised, as our lives changed, come whatever, we have all stayed friends forever. Even though I am completely mortified because I just remembered, as I do every couple of months, that Anna’s wedding present has sitting in my closet for almost a year.

Apparently the number song that week was 21 Questions by 50 Cent.

OK, I seem to have absolutely no memory of this song (but apparently it is the source of “love you like a fat kid loves cake”? I had no idea). So instead, here’s else from the same season:

Who knew a decade would bring a celebrity powerhouse marriage and an enigmatic baby?

In case you were wondering, also, 15 years ago today I turned 13:


I am clearly very excited, and who can blame me? For I have just received a CD of the Big Chill soundtrack and a stylish reversible bucket hat.

Contrary to what this picture suggests, the number 1 song that week was not “I Second that Emotion,” but…

…..oh yeah!

It’s been a good decade. So in the name of of celebration and nostalgia, please enjoy this meticulously edited video of animated characters singing “Raise Your Glass.”

Have a great day, friends!


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