Bored to Tears

Sometimes you wake up and can’t stand the sight of anything in your closet. If it’s Saturday, that means it’s a good time to go shopping. But if it’s Wednesday, that means you have no choice but to pull together some random stuff you’ve never worn together and make the best of it. Here’s a monochromatic experiment from last week:

Photo 200

  • Scoopneck top, GAP, fall 2010. This shirt is extremely soft and as cozy as a short-sleeved shirt can be. It is somewhere between charcoal and black. Its only shortcoming is that the slightly poofy sleeves make it hard to wear with a cardigan or jacket, and I can rarely do without one.
  • Black/gray chambray skirt, Converse One Star? Target, ca. fall 2009. 
  • Shiny gray sash belt snagged from an Old Navy dress, summer 2012.
  • Bare Traps black ankle boots, DSW, fall 2012. This is the first time I wore these boots with bare legs. I see other people (real and magazine people) do this all the time, but I’m not sure it’s the look for me.

When I got to work, I tucked in the top and put the belt through the skirt’s belt loops, which gave everything a slightly more polished look, I think. I liked this outfit, and I’m always pleased to put together something new out of my old basics, but I think on me this would work better with gray or black tights.

The bare legs might be fine if I wore ballet flats, sandals, or some kind of more minimal shoe. But as it is, the length of the skirt and the height of the boots cut off my legs at the top and the bottom, leaving them sort of stumpy-looking. And the wide mouth of the boots makes it look like my ankles are the same width as my calves.

Also, later that evening when Sam spilled my glass of wine by knocking a bag of tortilla chips into it, the entire glass poured directly into my boot. So bear that in mind as a risk factor when deciding what kind of layering to apply between your boots, feet, and legs.

All in all, thought, not a failure, and it got me out of the house on time, in a good mood.


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