Gimme a V!

Another new combo on an otherwise somewhat uninspired Tuesday. Sam had the day off, so he slept in, which throws off my whole morning schedule. When I finally managed to get dressed, this is the information I had about the day ahead: it was supposed to be hot, I wasn’t sure what kinds of meetings I might have, I was supposed to babysit an infant at a softball game at the end of the day, and I couldn’t remember if it was supposed to rain again. Hrm. A tall order.

So I just grabbed this and this and this:

Photo 203

  • The famous and always reliable blue dress, Old Navy ca. 2008
  • Orange v-neck sweater, J. Crew. This sweater once belonged to Shana, and was unearthed during summer office cleanout day 2009, when it was donated to me.
  • Coral open-toed flats,, spring 2012

The best thing about this outfit was that it was exactly the right weight and coverage for an air-conditioned office on a steamy day.

The second best thing about this outfit is that by some stroke of luck, the neckline of the dress and the sweater worked perfectly together. I hate when you wear layers specifically to provide extra contrast or coverage, and in the end the bottom layer doesn’t even show. Just as troublesome is the clashing conundrum of the crew neck cardigan and v-neck tshirt.

But this just worked: the v-neck was not too low, but reliably showed the trim on the neckline of the dress. Nice!

Oh, and I had just one on-site meeting, it didn’t rain, it didn’t really get all that hot, and the softball game was cancelled. 0 for 4!


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