Don’t take me pictures!

On Wednesday I tried another new layered dress combo, with mixed results:

Photo 206

  • Young Threads chevron pattern tank dress, on sale from AdornMe boutique, Ann Arbor, fall 2012. I bought this dress on impulse, but love it. It’s kind of a lacy knit, so can look cozy for winter or light for summer. And with so many colors, you can choose to emphasize the in-your-face purple, or align yourself with the more subtle oranges, taupes, and greens. I suppose you can guess what I did here.
  • Orange v-neck, poofy sleeved graphic tee, Zara, Rome, fall 2004. This shirt has a squirrel on it, who is shaking his finger at you and saying “Don’t take me pictures!” (clearly designed by a non-native English speaker). Bought this at Zara when I was in Rome for a semester. Actually, confession: I bought it twice. Once early in the semester, and once in a bigger size, approximately 400 gelatos and bottles of wine later. This is the bigger one. I gave the smaller one away to Gina, who I don’t know anymore, but was, as I recall, an aspiring photographer who loved orange.
  • Steve Madden flats, DSW, summer 2012. These probably deserve a signature Sunday post all their own. I wear them constantly, but especially with this dress, because they somehow have almost identical patterns.

OK, so, this is an example of the neckline conflict so common in layered looks. The neck on the dress is very high, and the v-neck on the tshirt is pretty high, too, as v-necks go. With the squirrel, the text on the shirt, and the pattern of the dress showing, this just feels too busy up top. When I glance at it quickly, it looks like I have a big necklace on. When I look longer, I kind of feel like I’m choking. It would be better in this case if the dress didn’t show–if it were cut lower, or even if the t-shirt also had a higher crew neck.

Other than that, I kind of like the idea of this. A fun way to wear this shirt without going totally casual, and to disguise this dress, which is otherwise fairly undisguisable, in a refreshing way.


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