Simmer down

How do you tone down neon pink pants?

More importantly, why would you want to?

So far when I’ve worn these pants, I’ve gone for 110% in-your-face color blocking. But last week I took it down a notch. Well, to the extent that these pants are ever doing anything resembling taking it down a notch:

Photo 220


  • Oversized charcoal v-neck sweater, The Gap, fall 2010. I love this comfy, cozy sweater. The only thing that drives me nuts about it is that the dark stripes aren’t quite sure whether they are navy or black (or possibly yet another shade of gray). Ambiguity is fine, until you’re trying to decide what shoes to wear. So I just try not to worry about it.
  • Yellow “tankisole” or whatever they called this thing. Old Navy, spring 2013. This is a tank top, that is all. A very soft and nice-fitting one, though.
  • Stretchy, skinny neon pink jegging-type pants. Old Navy clearance, spring 2013. I continue to be surprised that these pants go with everything. Hot pink is the new black.
  • Navy leather flats, The GetUp Vintage, purchased summer 2012. I’m consistently wearing shoe liners with these shoes now, in case you are wondering. And it is saving my feet.
  • Silver whale fluke pendant, souvenir from Puerto Vallarta ca. 1993. Everyone in my family has one of these. Well, so does every person who has ever been to Hawaii or Mexico or on any kind of whale watching tour. Nevertheless, it reminds me of my family, and of old timey memories, and it feels right for summer, so it is coming back into circulation after going unworn for years.

Do think this sweater balances out these pants, or does it just put a damper on the party?


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