I saw the neon sign

Remember, way back in the winter (or, um, mid-March…), my conflicted feelings about electric blue tights?

Well, maybe it was the shade, or the season, or the fact that my heart was three sizes too small. But today I had nothing but love for these: Photo 233

  • Black 3/4-length sleeve top, gift from my mom . T.J. Maxx, ca. 2012? I love this top. It is silky and soft, and has nice weight to it (which means it drapes better than a t-shirt, but admittedly gets a little toasty in late June). I like the way the neckline is higher in the back–it just gives the whole thing a slightly different, more elegant feel than a plain old scoopneck. Plus it feels like wearing pajamas. (Indeed, I have been known to wear it as pajamas when traveling)
  • Yellow, white, and black tweedy-style Mossimo skirt, made by Target. Purchased at the Saline Goodwill, May 2013. I would have worn this skirt without tights, but it was a bit short to pull that off at work. Which brings us to….
  • Neon yellow tights! Target, June 2013. I love them, that is all. And, judging by the awe (that was awe, right?) with which people were staring at me on the diag, so does everyone else.
  • Suede black Mossimo flats, Target, fall 2009. Meh, these are fine. They have a little rosette decoration on the toe. What I really want, though, for all my summer outfits is a black wedge sandal, exactly like the ones Monica was wearing today. I don’t want the wedge part to be cork or jute or whatever, though–I want the whole shoe to be black. Is that so much to ask? Apparently.

I’m clearly enjoying the return of neon, now that I’m finally on board with it. But I’m not sure this look is exactly what we’d call “balanced.” Maybe bare legs with a bright yellow jacket would have looked a little more summery and professional. OK, fine, maybe giving yourself muppet legs never looks professional. But the experimentation is fun.


2 thoughts on “I saw the neon sign

    • I got them at the Carpenter Rd. location, but I’m sure they are widely available! Tons of colors. Well, tons of neon and pastel colors. Still not the jewel tones I really want–maybe in the fall.

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