Lazy Sunday

Today’s a day for not getting dressed. For lying in the hammock with a book and a Coke with a lime wedge. For seeing an absolutely ridiculous movie. For eating peanut butter toast for dinner. For watching Dr. Who while painting your nails.

There was a time in my life when I was really, really into painting my nails. There was a Walgreen’s less than a mile from my house growing up and I used to spend all my time and money there inspecting and buying nail polish. I kept it all in a cigar box under my bed, on the lid of which I painted (in nail polish, of course!) the initials of my current crush. I would paint out and add new initials as time marched on. No sample initials given here, to protect the innocent and the guilty. Then, at some point I stopped and for years I haven’t painted my nails much at all (with the inevitable exception of biannual wedding party manicures). Last spring I bought a bunch of polish and used it, like, once. And then this slow, lazy, sunny weekend presented the perfect opportunity. 

heaven-neonIt all started yesterday when I continued to feed my neon problem by painting my nails with Heaven nail lacquer in a shade called, improbably, Alluring.

I bought this in 2010 for Eve’s bachelorette party. And no one wanted to use it but me.

This so-called lacquer was a bit disappointing to apply. I guess this should be no surprise, since I cannot have spent more than $2 on it. There’s no opaque base, so on the first coat (and the second coat, for that matter) it basically looks like you’ve colored your nails with a highlighter. It’s completely transparent, and strangely matte.

When totally, completely dry (we’re talking like 24 hours later cured), and in broad natural light, things look a bit better: a nice, bright sunny yellow. But when you’re inside, it’s still a bit dingy. And you can see all the dirt under your nails from poking about in the backyard when, really, isn’t the whole point of nail polish to hide the dirt?

So, I thought I’d experiment with a blue glittery top coat. I remember always being disappointed with glitter polish because it always had a clear base, so it just didn’t do much unless you put on about 16 layers. I thought this would be perfect if, um, less than subtle: neon yellow base with blue glitter on top. Um. Hail to the victors?


wetnwildglitterSo, I pulled out this Wet n Wild FastDry polish in Teal of Fortune, which I bought last year before going on vacation, and started to apply it on top of the yellow. And to my surprise, this has either very fine, dense glitter, or a colored base, or both. So you can’t really see the yellow underneath at all. But it does turn the whole effect much more greeny than it would otherwise be.

At first it looked like things were going to be really, really shamrocky green. As it dries, it’s looking more tealy. I think I like it. It reminds me of….mermaids and middle school. Hm.


Real Simple tells me that fancy nail art is a big deal right now, but I’ve never really had the patience for that. How are you doing your nails this season?

And do I really have to put a shirt on before going to the grocery store?


2 thoughts on “Lazy Sunday

    • Thanks! I’ve always been a sucker for blue and turquoise myself–the yellow is new territory, for sure! Alas, one day later it’s all already chipping. I guess it’s worth investing in better stuff. And maybe not letting it sit around for years before using it.

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