Lady in Red

I don’t typically wear a lot of red. But about a week ago I took this skirt out for a spin…and loved it:

Photo 223

  • Sleeveless ivory v-neck blouse, Casual Corner, hand-me-down from my aunt-in-law ca. 2012. Did you know that Casual Corner doesn’t even exist anymore? Well, according to Wikipedia it does not. OK, let me be frank: I hate wearing blousy-type tops under sweaters or jackets, because I am human, and I sweat, and the no-longer-crisp fabric gets all damp and bunchy under my arms and it is super uncomfortable and I can’t focus on work and I HATE IT! So. Sleeveless blouses, it turns out, are perfect! The downside is that you may have to wash your outer layer more frequently, whereas if you had a shirt with sleeves, you could wash that instead, and keep your sweater/jacket fresh longer. For me, it is totally worth the trade off. Do what you gotta do to not spend the workday clawing at your own armpits, for it is off-putting to the patrons. 
  • Gray cardigan, Old Navy ca. 2008. This is a staple, if ever a staple there was. Actually, this cardigan has the perfect neckline and fit through the body, which has rarely or never been repeated in my vast collection of cardigans. It’s a classic.
  • Red Alfani skirt, purchased at the Ann Arbor Thrift Shop, May 2013. Hard to tell in this badly lit photo, but this skirt is kind of a warm, just slightly pinky red, more watermelon than fire engine. This skirt is made out of a heavy-duty, stretchy fabric that clings in all the right ways (Sam had some nice things to say) without being either transparent or constricting. Because it stretches, it doesn’t even have to have a slit in the back! It didn’t even occur to me until I was getting out of a car and realized that 1) I could  2) without pulling a Britney. When I took it off the rack, I already had an idea in my head of how it was going to look (not good). I thought the length was wrong and that the fabric would betray me (So why did I even try it on? Because I compulsively try on skirts, and the evidence has shown, time and time again, that it is worth it). I didn’t quite trust what I saw in the fitting room. And red isn’t usually a go-to color for me. But in this case the risk paid off. When the stakes are low (like, um, <$5), take a leap of faith now and then. 
  • Black flats with red and green rose embroidery, Rome, fall 2004. Top five favorite pairs of shoes of all time, no question.

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