With my complements

I remember the first time I learned that purple and yellow were complementary colors. I thought it was bullshit.

Obviously red and green, sure, yeah. But purple and yellow? No! Blue and yellow were clearly “opposites”  (born wolverine?) and purple and orange could go to hell.

Clearly I was not grasping the main point of our first grade art appreciation session about primary and secondary colors.

I did come around to purple and yellow (or gold) later in life (Rolling Meadows mustangs we will fight to victory / Hail to purple, gold and white we’ll prove our loyalty!) although when dressing I still tend to fall back on blue, and only use purple as an accent now and then. Last Wednesday I pulled out my favorite yellow skirt and without thinking, went with a navy cardigan and shoes. At the last minute, I traded the navies out for purples:

Photo 241

  • Purple jersey cardigan, Old Navy clearance, 2010? This is basically a large tshirt with buttons. It’s soft, lightweight, and I love the color, but because it’s oversized and doesn’t have much shape to it, I don’t wear it all that often.
  • White tami, Old Navy, spring 2013. I checked the tag,  and “tami” is the correct-but-still-ridiculous-name that Old Navy has given to their tank top/camisole hybrid. Don’t ask me how you can have a hybrid of synonyms).
  • Yellow statement necklace (and matching earrings), Kim’s Resale Shop, spring 2010.
  • Gray and yellow floral skirt, Old Navy, spring 2010. Oh geez, it’s one of those days where I wear all Old Navy. This used to happen to me a lot in 1998, but not so much these days. Always a little embarrassing.
  • Purple kitten-heel shoes, Target, fall 2009. In the fall of 2009, I was done with school, our wedding was over, all my friends had moved away, I had a job I liked, but that I was still trying to make sense of, no hobbies besides panicking about work email at 2 a.m., and I didn’t really know what to do with myself. So I bought a lot of purple clothes. I mean a lot. I wore these shoes to my cousin David’s wedding in October, and then not again until May when Jeremy and I went to a meeting at the Copyright Office in Washington, D.C. Both times I wore them with a matching purple dress thinking I looked like Betty Draper or something. I remember I crouched down on my heels to pick something up and bent the pointy toe on both shoes. They are still creased across the toes to this day. These shoes used to be too wide for my feet, but now they fit perfectly so…I guess I’m getting old or something.

The color wheel was right, I guess (who am I to argue with physics? Or optics? Or whatever?). Purple gave this outfit a lot more life than the boring old navy did. And Dion who runs Daisy’s dog day care said I looked nice, so.


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