Easy breezy

Another day, another different colored top to match a different part of the pattern on my multi-colored skirt:

Photo 244

  • Calvin Klein “performancewear” olive green top, purchased at Saline Goodwill, September 2012. These aren’t really 3/4 length sleeves. What are they? 1/2 length? Something about this top reminds me very, very much of my “safe” clothes from high school. The sleeves, the color. I don’t know. Perhaps this is why I feel so comfortable in it.
  • Multi-colored boho skirt, Orchid Lane, ca. 2010? Usually when I wear this skirt I try to pick up on the bright blues and pinks in the pattern–this is the first time I’ve gone out of my way to emphasize the pervasive drab elements.
  • Necklace, Shadow Art Fair, Ypsilanti, 2011. I cannot remember the artist, gah!
  • Volatile wedge tie-on sandals, Target, summer 2007. I love these shoes! And I haven’t worn them for years. These carried me all over London with my mom in 2007, and right into grad school. Somehow they just felt right for Thursday. When the entire city flash-flooded that afternoon and I found myself walking on platforms half an inch above the water I knew why.

Gentle breeze provided by the tower fan behind me, which has been running non-stop now for several days. That thing works, completely eliminating the need for a/c (well, at least until it gets another 10 degrees hotter). Hannah the cat loves it and has spends basically all of her waking and sleeping moments lounging in front of it.


2 thoughts on “Easy breezy

  1. I like that skirt. All my skirt shopping for Africa this year has been fruitless. I bought two pink skirts, both ugly. Just because they were on sale, why do I do that?

    • It’s so hard to resist the sales! But, to paraphrase another reader’s facebook profile, nobody wins when ugly skirts are involved.

      Do you ever sew? Have you ever tried making skirts? I am extremely intimidated by the notion of making my own clothes, but some people (ahem, Katherine!) tackle it with enthusiasm and skill!

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