This post was supposed to be about leggings but instead it is mostly going to be about light.

I’m already noticing that the mornings are getting darker. 😦 is not a strong enough emoticon to convey my feelings about this.

Some of it is an illusion I think. Or, not an illusion–it is darker–but the darkness is temporary/circumstantial darkness rather than solar/planetary/seasonal/latitudinal darkness. It’s been pretty overcast and rainy for the last week or so, and also our house is basically under a giant old tree, which is now fully leafed out. With giant, deep purple leaves, no less.

This is really nice in the summer, actually–Or would be, in a hot summer unlike this one–because the shade keeps the house really cool during the day. But it also makes things pretty dark in the morning.

So, this meditation on shade is partly me whining about sunlight and darkness, which as you know is something I obsess about basically all the time, but also a set up explaining why, in the pictures below where I’m trying to show off my two different pairs of cropped leggings, you can’t actually tell them apart:

Photo 245

  • Navy “tami,” Old Navy, spring 2013 Clearly this has quickly become a wardrobe staple. I like these tanks better than either the old ribbed, wide-strap cotton tanks or super spandexy camis. I hate to say it, but Old Navy is right: this is the perfect “just right” tank.
  • Orange J. Crew v-neck sweater, donation from Shana post office clean up day 2009. I’ve been wearing this one a lot lately. Great color, and perfect material for summer. It’s light without being fragile and prone to snagging. And given my propensity for crashing into things, leaning on damaged furniture, waving my arms around, and never, ever keeping my nails filed, that is a good thing.
  • Impossible-to-see navy corduroy skirt, Old Navy ca. 2010 This skirt is very comfy–it has a wide waistband that prevents pinching or muffin-topping, and handy pockets. But it’s a little slouchy, a little short, and hangs a little low on the hips. I don’t wear it as frequently as I thought I would, and when I do, I always feel a little bit like I’m in a schoolgirl costume. Leggings help.
  • Navy cropped leggings, Pitaya, 2010
  • Dorky blue Clarks, DSW, fall 2010 First time wearing these without tights or long pants! And, a new use for my little foot liners. Worked OK, I think. They kind of felt like the love child of clogs and loafers (I mean, these shoes always feel like the love child of clogs and loafers, but the lack of visible stockings enhanced the effect).

Photo 247

  • Brown ribbed cotton tank top, Old Navy ca. 2005? Yikes, maybe? It’s a classic, what can I say.
  • Yellow asymmetrical rayon v-neck dress, Orchid Lane 2010. You can’t really see it here, but this dress is 6-8 inches longer in the back–it reaches below the back of my knees. Like most Orchid Lane dresses, this is pretty much one size fits all. Easy, breezy, comfy and cool. And must be worn over tanks and leggings, or else you’d be able to see down the neck, up the armholes, and straight through the fabric.
  • Brown cropped leggings, Pitaya, 2010. 
  • Steve Madden multi-colored flats, DSW summer 2012
  • Stylish triangle hair brought to you by humidity, a holiday, a hike in the woods, and a giant, heavy winnie-the-pooh barrette from 6th grade that I just rediscovered

Sigh. So, some facts and lessons:

  • Leggings are comfortable and make otherwise inappropriate dresses and skirts suitable for work.
  • I like to match my tank top to my leggings, which I can only assume gives the impression that I am wearing a unitard under my dress. Not sure why that’s a look I’m going for, but it feels right somehow.
  • And, most importantly,  if I want to keep doing this blog, I need to find some kind of alternative way of doing the photos, because it turns out there are only like two weeks a year when it’s light enough in my study in the morning to even take the pictures. Pictures taken in my bedroom are just as bad, and come out in crazy colors. Our orange walls may have something to do with this. I’m just not sure what to do.

I suppose an alternative would be to use a real camera instead of the crappy photobooth app on our 4 year old Mac. But I don’t want to ask Sam to take pictures of me every day (he already rolls his eyes at me enough when I do it).

Any suggestions?


4 thoughts on “Lightings

  1. Fun fact from a former Old Navy employee: you can tell when you bought your clothes by looking at the tag. It will generally specify the season or the quarter it was made, followed by the two digit year. This is always the case on ON/Gap/BR stuff, and potentially other brands, too. It is a fun pastime, when you realize that shirt you bought a few years ago is actually seven years old.

    And maybe you need a tripod? Or some out of work paparazzi?

  2. Nice! I had no idea! This could be fun and also quite frightening.

    Yeah, a tripod (or suitably tall dresser?) is probably the way to go.

    Of course, then I have to put the memory card in the computer, re-size the images, blah blah blah blah. Photobooth is so handy for producing web-friendly images exactly where I need them. So the real answer is: get better results by being less lazy! Story of my life.

  3. Yes real camera!!! You can get a cheap remote so you dont have to do the whole set the timer and run into place and pose thing. And you should do gorrillapod!

    • Anne has a gorillapod! I guess it’s time to start that compound we’ve been talking about. Clearly that is the answer.

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