Two birds

Killing birds left and right with this ensemble, which is so much more than the sum of its flawed parts:

Photo 256

  • Neon and charcoal striped T-shirt dress, Old Navy, spring 2012. I bought this on a whim last year, when my neon problem was just beginning to take root. I love the idea of this, but when wearing it usually feel like I am in a pool cover-up, more specifically, one of the exact tshirts that my mom used as a pool cover up ca. 1992. Also nothing about it quite flatters. The sleeves are weird. It has a badly placed breast pocket. It clings to the belly without flattering the waistline. And when you’re wearing it, well, you’re draped from shoulders to knees in neon. Which just might be a little much.
  • Charcoal wrap/shirt dress, Old Navy, spring 2012. I love this dress, but it’s a little short, a little thin, a little clingy, doesn’t breathe very well–you get the idea. I’m always experimenting with what leggings, tights, pants, or tops to wear with it.

So. Put it together and what do you get? Bippity Boppity Boo! Better shape for my t-shirt dress! Better coverage for my wrap dress! Comfy, breathable cotton next to the skin, providing a barrier against the rayon or whatever this gray thing is made out of! And neon downgraded to an accent rather than an assault on the eyes.

I can’t tell you how comfortable I am right now. I feel a little like Wally in Dilbert when he wears jeans under his work pants:

Feeling pretty pleased with turning two hard-to-wears into a win. I am lacking, however, the right shoes. As I believe I’ve mentioned before, I desperately need some black wedge sandals. Instead, I’m wearing these cheap black suede flats with pointy toes and rosette-like ornamentation. They belong at a Christmas party, not in the office in July.


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