My mom is coming to visit!

I just spent about 10 minutes trying to think of some clever title for this post, but this about sums it up. My mom is coming to visit tomorrow. So that means I will spend tonight cleaning all the parts of the house that she doesn’t care about (area rug in the study) and neglecting to clean all the parts that she does care about (driveway and porch).

Mom and me at Top of the Park in 2012

Mom and me at Top of the Park in 2012

She will be here for more than 48 hours, which is a record I think, so I am really excited about having a little more time together. I’m looking forward to having time to relax and talk, as well as to do some of the things I’ve wanted to do with my parents since I’ve lived here. Also it’s a good excuse to take some time off of work.

I think it will be an artsy visit, which should be fine by both of us. It’s Art Fair this week, of course, which we will cautiously dip our toes into. But I’m also hoping we might hit the Heidelberg Project and the DIA. I would love to catch a movie + organ prelude at the Michigan Theater. Maybe she will want to go to The Mix and also maybe pick up a souvenir for my dad from The Rocket, which is all fine by me!

It’s weird and sometimes hard living a medium distance from one’s roots. My old next door neighbor now lives in Arizona. She only gets to see her family about once a year, but when she comes, she comes for two weeks. They go on vacation together and have parties and whatnot. That has its own challenges, no doubt, but there is something to be said for the extended visit. I see my parents every few months, but usually not for more than 24 hours at a time, and sometimes much less. And this year, with no friends’ weddings calling me home, I’m mortified to say that (except for a quick overnight en route to Iowa for Sam’s grandma’s birthday) I haven’t been to my hometown  in 10 months.

When my parents come here, I feel a little bit like a preschooler showing off her classroom. Except my classroom is the entire county. I drag them by the arm to look at this over here, and then that over there, and my most favorite thing of all over yonder. But when we have too much on the agenda, we tend to get militant and flustered by turns, reacting to and feeding off of one another in that way that only moms and daughters can do. I will strive to remember this.

I need to keep in mind that what I really love most is hanging out with my mom in the morning, puttering around the house in our pjs, drinking coffee and chatting and talking to the animals. That’s when we really are able to connect and catch up on things. We both struggle on the phone sometimes, I think, and we can easily go several weeks without speaking, not because we’re actually not speaking, but just because sometimes both of us seem to have a hard time with calling. And being called. And calling back. We are both excellent at writing long and colorful emails and/or notes, but that’s not quite the same.

So, coffee & cream, arts & crafts, walking and talking. That’s what I’m hoping for this week. I can’t wait. Now what shall I wear??


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