The Little Prince

By a strange alignment of the stars, on both Royal Wedding day (April 29, 2011) and Royal Baby day (July 22, 2013), I was giving introductory lectures on text encoding and markup languages. This is not something I do every day or anything, so the coincidence really is a little strange.

In both cases I wasn’t really paying that much attention ahead of time….and then at some point during the day (perhaps in the post-lunch-no-free-brownies!?? slump) I became entranced, and sat in the back of other people’s keynote talks, clicking through slideshow after slideshow on my laptop.

I was going to say that it was all the whispering and giggling at the altar between bride and groom that got me on board with the wedding, but that’s a lie. It was the bells and the MAGICAL FOREST in Westminster Abbey. Let’s enjoy it all again right now (4:41 for the forest; 8:10 for the love):

Today, it was this freaking video of Wills putting the carseat in the car:

Of course it was all completely contrived. I mean, of all the days to take advantage of the fact that you have a professional driver employed by national security so you can ride merrily along in the back seat, don’t you think the day you bring your child home from the hospital would be one of them? According to a very nearly overcome CNN anchor, the fact that William is driving is “so symbolic.” I wonder if he just pulled over around the corner and jumped into the backseat.

What can you do? These royals may not do much else, but they know how to warm a heart.

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