Late Day

Earlier this week, I remembered for the first time in years that my high school had regularly scheduled “late arrival days.” We had block scheduling, so our weeks were made up of alternating “gold days” and “purple days.” On each day you had half your classes, for 90 minutes. One week, MWF would be Gold and T-TH would be purple. The next week, switch. And then, just to make everything even more confusing, on a regular basis, (every other Thursday? Or was it every Thursday? Seriously?) school would start an hour late and all the blocks would be 70 minutes instead of 90. It all made sense at the time, but as I look back on it, this was madness. Were they trying to get the sleepy and disorganized among us to miss school, or show up prepared for the wrong day? (Happened to me more than once).

Anyway, these days I wish we had a late start day. Usually be the end of the week we are moving a bit slowly and I am rushing around to get ready for the day. Here is a typical Friday “unscheduled late start” look: Photo 284

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Floral motif

Despite this being one of my go-to outfits for two years now, today I’m doing three things I’ve never done before. Well, 2.5 things, anyway. Can you spot them?

Photo 280

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Ciao, Summer!

At the end of July, I felt like the whole summer had pretty much passed me by. But August has been crazy and beautiful, and I feel OK now about these waning days and dark mornings. Time to pull out a favorite that’s been lurking in the back of my closet all season:

"You should always wear my clothes"  "It seems I do."

“You should always wear my clothes”
“It seems I do.”

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