Ciao, Summer!

At the end of July, I felt like the whole summer had pretty much passed me by. But August has been crazy and beautiful, and I feel OK now about these waning days and dark mornings. Time to pull out a favorite that’s been lurking in the back of my closet all season:

"You should always wear my clothes"  "It seems I do."

“You should always wear my clothes”
“It seems I do.”

  • Sleeveless v-neck blouse, Casual Corner, handed down from Sam’s aunt ca. 2011
  • Skirt (with pockets!) from The GetUp Vintage, purchased spring 2012
  • Brown espadrille-like wedges, Target, 2007

As you might have guessed from the the caption, I fancy this my Roman Holiday outfit. Pretend with me, won’t you, that I am pulling this off:


A ringer, right? Right? Except for the part where I don’t have the waist of a ballerina who spent her teenage years starving in Nazi-occupied Europe.

Photo on 8-21-13 at 9.05 AM

I confess that I even tried to wear a jaunty scarf around my neck, but in order to get this Euro scout look, you actually need a handkerchief-sized scrap of fabric. All my scarves just made me look, well, smothered and confused. So instead, I’m wearing my wedding necklace, which I bought at the ArtFair in 2009 from Mackie Jewelry. And a cardigan, obviously.

And now, please enjoy this clip of Audrey as Princess Ann getting her hair cut, while Gregory Peck is a total creeper to a little girl at the Trevi Fountain:


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