Just a minuet….

Today, test driving a dress I bought on clearance on my recent trip to New York:

Photo 277


  • Cap sleeves, which I am drawn to again and again, even though I’m not convinced they’re a good thing for me
  • A million pleats! God help me if I ever have to wash and iron this thing myself. What you supposed to do with such things? Do professionals press them for you?
  • Has a cute keyhole back that you can’t see here
  • Love this color!

OK, so, what’s the dealio with this dress? For some reason, every time I put it on I feel like the shape is off somehow. But how? How can universally flattering features like a scoop neck, fitted bodice, A-line skirt, and just above the knee length be wrong? But something about it is just not…quite….right.

Well, in researching the designer/brand of the dress, I think I figured it out. The dress is made by Minuet which, it seems, is a petite brand, designed for women 5’3″ and under. I’m about 5’5″.

As a result, the waistline of this dress hits right at the widest part of my rib cage. It’s not quite high enough to be a true empire waist, but it’s not low enough to be fitted to the narrowest part of my waist (as I suspect it is meant to be, and would be, if I were 2-3″ shorter).*

So! Mystery solved, and still a cute dress, if not precisely suited for my body. Or that part of it. In fact, the sleeves and neckline, which in regular dress sizes are usually very boxy on me, fit perfectly.

Naturally I added a long navy cardigan (Old Navy, 2013) for my air-conditioned office, matching earrings (gift from my aunt ca. 2007), and my usual multi-color Steve Madden flats (DSW, summer 2012).

And speaking of minuets:

*Well, ok, also, my waist actually is not as narrow as it was a year ago which is fine (that took a lot of work that may or may not have been worth it). But this sometimes causes me to have a distorted view of what might be wrong with my clothes.


One thought on “Just a minuet….

  1. Well I really like this dress, and I should probably stop trying to catch up on your blog now and go back to working on things I’m supposed to be working on. 🙂

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