Floral motif

Despite this being one of my go-to outfits for two years now, today I’m doing three things I’ve never done before. Well, 2.5 things, anyway. Can you spot them?

Photo 280

Ha, yeah, I suspected not. OK, I will just tell you.

  1. I’ve never worn a belt with this coral floral dress from Old Navy (spring 2012)
  2. I’ve never worn this belt before, period. It’s a wide belt braided of what appears to be yellow and pink twine. The buckle is nothing special and the tail of the belt kind of flops around, so I just turned them to the back. Purchased at Goodwill in fall 2012, it has joined the rest of my belts in living out a life of solitude and rejection. Almost every morning, I put on a belt and then discard it before I go out the door. Today, it worked.
  3. Can you see it? Probably not in this terrible picture. That is not a bump or horn on my head, nor is it part of the door behind me. It is a turquoise silk flower.  I’ve never walked into a professional environment with a turquoise silk flower pinned to my head. I used this in Kelsey’s wedding last summer to cover up the messy ends of my braided ‘do, then clipped it to a lampshade and forgot about it. I pulled it out last weekend for a different wedding, and now I’m suddenly looking for ways to use it.

Today, the supporting roles of cardigan and shoes are played by familiar members of the company:

  • Turquoise 3/4-length sleeve cardigan (with charming covered buttons on the cuffs), T.J. Maxx, gift from my mom ca. 2011
  • Open toed coral flats, target.com, summer 2012

Photo 282Here’s a better shot of the flower, and my earrings (part of a set–I’m not wearing the necklace today–from Kim’s Resale Shop in Ypsilanti).

How do you shake up the “old reliables” in your wardrobe?


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