Violation: Excessive Matching

Happy day! This morning I found in my closet two orphaned pieces, just waiting to become a twinset. And earrings. AND shoes! Oh dear:

Photo 291

  • Ruffled blouse from Pitaya, spring 2010. This shirt is beyond sleeveless, but stops just short of being a halter top. It has a full back, which is connected to the front by, basically, two strings. You can see what I mean here. For me, this is the ideal blouse, because it has no shoulders or sleeves to get bunched up under my inevitable cardigan. A step up from a cami or t-shirt with no loss of comfort. Love the bright color. I usually only wear it with cardigans in contrasting solids, like yellow or purple.
  • Floral 3/4-length-sleeve floral Cable & Gauge cardigan, T.J. Maxx ca 2011? My mom gave me this one, along with several others, in a flurry of sweater shopping a couple of years ago. I like the idea of it, but have struggled with how to wear it. I tried it once with a full skirt and pearl necklace. Combine with the pale pink, the flowers, and the little buttons, it was all a little too Stepford. I think it works better here with the pants and ruffly top. Feminine, but not saccharine. And who knew the colors would MATCH PERFECTLY? A true fashionista would probably say that’s actually not ideal…but I find it hard to resist.
  • Favorite Ralph Lauren Goodwill jeans, purchased fall 2012. I have got to get some new jeans. But then again. Why bother?
  • Open-toed flats,, spring 2012. What’s that rule about matching your shoes to your shirt and your sweater and your earrings? Oh, you’re not supposed to do it? Ah, well.

Photo 292Earrings? Earrings, you say?  These are from Target, fall 2012. I bought them as possibilities to wear for Anne’s wedding (you know, keeping the bridesmaid ensemble subtle and timeless, like I do). When I got dressed this morning, I put them on triumphantly. A ha! The pièce de résistance. (Actually, I just looked this term up to check my spelling and accent marks, and realized I’ve been using it slightly incorrectly my whole life. Including here.)

Then I stopped to reconsider. Took them out. Tried a pair with contrasting turquoise. Tried a more neutral lacy gold pair. But in the end, landed back here. Go big or go home.


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