Rambling Woman

Today I face that most exciting of challenges….dressing to go to work in the morning for half a day, head to the airport, fly overnight across the ocean, and wake up tomorrow in a different country and climate, where I’ll need to go straight into society:

Photo on 9-13-13 at 8.11 AM

There are a few tricks I’ve picked up along the way to ensure that your outfit for the next 24? 36? 48? hours is as comfortable as possible–without actually looking like you’re wearing pajamas.

  • Layers. I’m wearing a navy cami (Orchid Lane), a yellow v-neck tshirt (Pitaya), and a teal cotton blazer (Target clearance). You never know what it’s going to be like in the airport or on the plane, but you can guarantee it will either be very hot or very cold. Be prepared.
  • Stretchy structure. I fly in jeans, but only when they have a high Lycra content. Last year I made this trip in regular, stretchless, skinny pants, and it was miserable. You’re going to be seated in tiny quarters for a long time. Also, let’s be honest, you’re probably going to be eating weird things at weird times, and bloated from going up into the sky and coming back down again. Just roll with it. The blazer is the same: soft, stretchy cotton–feels nice, but looks more put together than a hoodie.
  • Suitable shoes. I like to travel in boots that zip: easy on and off at security, and by wearing them you don’t have to pack them. Please for the love of God don’t be that person wearing platform sandals that tie all the way up your leg in a complex interlaced pattern. I see this every time I go to the airport, no matter what time of year. Why? Why??? This is the fall debut of my black BareTraps that I wore every day last winter, then packed away in April.
  • Scarf. I cannot overstate the importance of wearing a scarf in these situations. It really should be required. It keeps you warm, you can use it as a pillow (or simply a cover for any surface you happen to be resting your face on). It looks polished (even though in this picture it kind of makes me look headless). Honestly it makes me feel secure and comfortable while traveling, and I feel naked without it.
  • Coverage and movement. Bear in mind that you’ll be walking, running, bending over, lifting things, dragging things, sitting in close quarters with strangers, and probably at some point climbing over them. Dress accordingly. Sometimes I fly in dresses, and they’re really comfortable–much more so than jeans–but I spend the whole time worrying about keeping myself covered (leggings are a good solution). Scarves and camis provide backup for v-neck tops. Make sure your jacket or top doesn’t keep your from lifting your arms over your head, and that your pants aren’t exposing you in back when you crouch down to re-pack all your stuff so your carry-on will fit in the sizer.

What are your tips for traveling stylishly?


4 thoughts on “Rambling Woman

    • I wish I could have teleported mine to you! As it turned out I was constantly hot and sweating from dragging a suitcase around on public transportation while wearing all of my jackets, and the scarf spent most of the trip at the bottom of my bag.

    • From about age 10 onwards I had designated “airport clothes.” But it seems that I have a long history of attempting to impose order on a chaotic world by obsessing about my clothes. What, you don’t?

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