Fall Floral

Here’s another attempt to adapt my summer wardrobe for autumn wear:


  • Green wraparound cardigan, Target, summer 2009. This poor sweater seems to be called into duty every time I need to fall-ify something.
  • Pink? Red? Salmon? Coral? floral print chiffon dress, Old Navy, spring 2012. This is my current go-to summer dress, second in my heart only to that blue dress.
  • Purple tights, Meijer, fall 2013
  • Purple Doc Martens! Purchased at a shoe store in Oxford, September 2013. I have wanted these for years, and finally this fall, after being sick through a conference and surviving a stressful conference call, I decided I deserved them. And in that short time they have become my new trademark. I get compliments almost every time I wear them–sometimes even from other people!

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I spent the weekend visiting family in Denver. My plane landed in Detroit just before midnight, and after getting turned around in the dark while exiting the Green lot, finding myself in Taylor (hint: not the right direction), almost running out of gas, and wrangling some windows that refused to de-fog, I finally pulled into the driveway around 1 a.m. While I crashed around trying to quietly sneak into bed, Daisy didn’t make a sound. Then as soon as I pulled the blanket up to my chin….she started flipping out. So 5:30 came PRETTY early today…

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Dressed to Impress

Last night was that most magical of days, when a select few of us stay 3-4 hours late at work to staff a party honoring those who have made a donation to our organization over the last year. Even though we’re not allowed to eat anything or drink the wine, we have to look like we fit in at this occasion. So, what to wear? As you can imagine, I agonized….and wound up here:

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