Dressed to Impress

Last night was that most magical of days, when a select few of us stay 3-4 hours late at work to staff a party honoring those who have made a donation to our organization over the last year. Even though we’re not allowed to eat anything or drink the wine, we have to look like we fit in at this occasion. So, what to wear? As you can imagine, I agonized….and wound up here:

  • Red and taupe floral print cap-sleeved dress, purchased at Lord & Taylor, spring 2009. I bought this dress in a panic the  night before my graduate school graduation. It’s got kind of a Betty Draper season 1 vibe going on, I think. I also wore it for my wedding shower, where it went stunningly with the hilarious cake-shaped hat covered with fabric roses that I was asked to wear.
  • Turquoise blazer, Target clearance, June 2013. Because apparently i just wear this with everything now.
  • Patterned hose, Target, 2013. Ugh, I feel like these were a bad choice. I wore them because I assumed that most of the people at this party would be of the generation that believes strongly in pantyhose. As you know, I am all for tights of all colors and textures, but the not-quite-natural color of these looks, I confess, very dorky. Just like mom always told me. Oh well!
  • Bronze-ish ballet flats, Target.com, 2012. I hate these shoes. And yet I keep wearing them. I bought them thinking they wouldn’t clash with anything, and they don’t, but they also don’t do any good work. They’re not attractive. They’re not comfortable. They’re not supportive. (I might as well be barefoot. I can feel the ground through the soles). I chose them because they blend more or less with the accent color in the dress, and because I have to wear them for 14 hours, so none of my heels were going to work. They’re fine, I guess, but they’re not doing me any favors.

Photo on 10-11-13 at 9.12 AMBut I forgot! A lot of the people at this thing will be academics, or wannabe academics, or retired academics. They–especially the women–are quirky and like funky, attention-grabbing things. So, I topped everything off with my life-sized cicada earrings. Bought these at the Tenement Museum in New York (awww, just now thinking about the sad implications of selling insect jewelry at the Tenement Museum….) in August. If anyone actually gets close enough to me at this event to notice them, we’ll have something to talk about. Excellent.

Unfortunately, I discovered over the course of the day that this dress gaps at the neckline (i.e. I haven’t put it on in three years and it is too small). It is possible to see straight down my front, at least from my own point of view. Not the “impression” I had in mind for “dress to impress.” (But maybe the way to attract donors…..? No, no….surely not.)

So, spent the evening with shoulders hunched trying to create some slack around the ribcage. Yup, this is good for my spine, and such a comfortable way to carry myself for 14 hours!


2 thoughts on “Dressed to Impress

  1. That dress is (still) darling. I know cap sleeves are controversial (ha!), but I think they look pretty and feminine. I’m sorry to hear the shoes aren’t your favorite! Nothing like being uncomfortable all day. Live and learn, I guess.

    And you know I love those earrings. 🙂

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