[2] Shades of Gray

Yet another mid-season mashup:

Photo on 11-5-13 at 8.13 AM

  • Gray and white striped collared shirt, gift from my mother-in-law, ca. 2012. As I’ve mentioned, I generally hate this style of shirt. Maybe I’ve just never (ever. ever.) found one that fits me properly. This one has no buttons, but a deep V in front, and a zipper down the side. The body is a little too short, while clearly the sleeves are a little too long.  The shoulders felt boxy, but the dress helped to keep them contained. This is the closest thing to a white blouse that I currently own. It’s not quite doing the trick.
  • Gray and black jersey dress, Calvin Klein, gift from my mother-in-law, ca. 2012. After my initial “what am I supposed to do with this?” reaction, I’ve come to really appreciate the comfort and versatility of this dress. This is my first attempt at winterizing it. Notice the black band around the bottom six inches of the dress. It’s longer than it looks at first, in this picture.
  • Black cigarette pants, Calvin Klein, gift from my mother-in-law, ca. 2011. Holy jeez. It didn’t occur to me at the time that I was dressed head-to-toe in MIL gear.
  • Omnipresent black BareTraps ankle boots.
  • Two-tone white and yellow gold necklace, Christmas gift from Sam, 2007. Two seconds before I opened the box, I gazed into his eyes, he put his hand over mine and said… “You know it’s not an engagement ring, right?”

catoLike so many outfits, when I tried this on at home in my room, my mind was blown (I’m not sure if the light there is good or bad, but I’ll tell you I always like my reflection better there than elsewhere). I had Rome on for the 900th time when I put this together, and I think I may have been inspired by all the togas. Like most Romans, I assume, I spent most of the day adjusting the draping, and trying to get the scoopy cowl on the dress to align correctly with the v-neck of the shirt.

That evening, Sam said, “That outfit is working for you.” I said, “Thanks! Do you think so? I have mixed feelings.” He immediately reconsidered: “Well, I wouldn’t say it’s the best outfit you’ve ever worn. But it gets the job done.”

I’ll second that emotion.


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