Fall Colors (or lack thereof)

The great closet switchout means I suddenly find myself with a wardrobe of beige and gray instead of hot pink and turquoise:

Photo on 11-6-13 at 8.17 AM #2

  • Brown 3/4-sleeve Mudd sweater, purchased at Goodwill in Denver, October 2013. I can’t really explain this. I love it and hate it at the same time. I tried it on, and thought, “This is drab, ill-fitting, and scratchy. I must have it.” And in the last few weeks, I’ve worn it A LOT. Who can explain? The heart wants what it wants.
  • Skirt from TheGetUp Vintage, Ann Arbor, purchased spring 2012. This old favorite standby has a lovely, trim high waist, and pockets, both of which are lost in this ensemble.
  • Born riding boots, Christmas gift, 2007.

I’ve been watching a lot of Cheers on Netflix lately, and so clearly 1982 Shelley Long is to blame for my recent interest in oversized sweaters and long skirts.shelley2 shelley3


But something about the fit/balance is all wrong here. Also, all day I was distracted by seeing my own shoulders in my peripheral vision, which I guess is a reasonably predictable hazard of taking 1982 as one’s wardrobe inspiration.

Moreover, methinks that if I’m going to do the Diane, I best go big or go home, and embrace color as well as shape.

Right? Right.

Right? Right.

And in conclusion, I also should have gone with normal shoes here, not big time boots–the overall effect was somehow drab, bohemian, and western all at once. Serious re-thinking required.


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