2 o’clock and all’s well

This is my fourth night in Oxford, and the third one that I’ve stayed up waaaaay too late, half working (mostly on things due the next morning) and half watching the endless drama, history, musicals, and Poirot mysteries constantly airing in this country.

egyptRight now? It’s 2:11 a.m. and there’s a reenactment of Howard Carter’s discovery of King Tut’s tomb on.

Some guys wearing an awful lot of khaki just busted open some canopic jars and were disappointed to find nothing but “salt and linen bandages” inside.

It seems that the video I made on this subject for 6th grade social studies was at least as accurate and sensitive as this retelling.

Also the guy playing Howard Carter looks like Walt Disney. He is very tortured because between Lord Carnarvon and the Germans, he is never going to find this damn tomb. (In case you were wondering, I played Howard Carter in my own version of this movie. I drew my mustache on with eyeliner, which then would not come off).


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