While the snow lay rrrround about, deep and crisp and even

Photo on 11-26-13 at 9.33 AMShake out your turtlenecks, folks. Holiday time is almost here.

In the next week we have three of the most important holidays of the year: Anne’s birthday, Sam’s birthday, and Thanksgiving. But I hope you won’t mind that I’m getting a head start on my Christmas movie consumption.

Today I’m headed over to our media library in hopes of grabbing some of the classics (and some I’ve never seen) before the students grab them all for finals-procrastination purposes. I’ll meet you back here in December.

Or, you know, maybe sooner.

Here’s one of my favorite turtlenecks in action:

  • Pursuits, Ltd. orange cashmere turtleneck, Christmas gift from my mom, 2007. This was the year I decided I wanted “professional” clothes for Christmas. I then proceeded to go to grad school and put off “professional” life for another two years. This top is very soft and I love the color, but these days it’s best worn either under or over something else–it’s a little too short in the wrists and at the waist to stand alone. Over dresses, it’s great!
  • Black and white striped ponte dress, Old Navy, summer 2012. My favorite, most comfortable, most flattering dress. The turtleneck on top breaks up the allover stripes and adds some color.
  • Black knit tie-on belt, stolen from another sweater in my closet. Hmm, I haven’t decided about the belt yet. It’s a nice touch, but it feels almost too much like a flourish, if that makes any sense. Like I’ve wrapped myself up as a present, or am heading to a birthday party or something. Might drop it over the course of the day. We’ll see.
  • Black tights and BareTraps boots, blah, blah blah.

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